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I was going out with this girl for a few months when this happened. It was the fourth of July and in my hometown we have a huge fireworks display and I was sitting there watching the fireworks with all my friends when i got a page from my girl.
So I used my friends cell phone to call her.She wanted me to come see her that night because her parents were at the beach, so I said I would hookup with her later. Well, when I was taking my frien home, I got another page from her telling me to
come by a little later because she was at a party drinking with her friends. So I went to my friends house to have a few drinks. I eventually got the call from her to come over. I barely could contain myself. It was going to be her first time.
I came over and she was half drunk, and so was I. We started kissing in the living room and I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. She was telling me she wanted me all night, so I told her that she didn't have to wait anymore. We got naked
and then all of the sudden, she was on top of me, screaming "oh God, oh God!" and I asked her if it hurt. She said "no, I just came!" and with that I flipped her over and gave it to her doggystyle until I came. I stayed the night and we fucked till dawn.


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