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My hot cousin

Sex = Male
Where it happened = bedroom
Language = English
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I was in my room getting ready to jack off. I got my playboy out and the pair of panties i had taken from my cousin who was visiting. I started rubbing it and it wasn't long before i was hard. I knew this was going to be a good one. Just i was getting close to orgasm, i saw the door begin to open. Terror went through my mind. I had nothing to cover myself with. I just layed there in shock. It was my cousin. I began to turn bright red. She looked at me and screamed. Oh, my god! she said. You pervert. Are those my panties? Yes i told her now shaking and beginning to sweat. She was 16 and was gorgeous. I started staring at her tits, which were pushing out from her tight shirt she was wearing. Are you staring at my tits? she asked. That's it. She sat down in my chair and told me to come over. I did nervously. She then took me and put me over her knee. She began to spank me. Within seconds, i came all over her shorts. She threw me off her and back on the bed. She then started getting undressed. First her shirt. She was not wearing a bra. Her nipples were sticking straight out. She then pulled down her shorts and i noticed her panties were wet in the front. She was aroused! She pulled her panties off and i saw my first bush. It was not too thick but beautiful. She climbed on top of me and started frenching me. She then climbed on top of my rock hard penis and started bouncing up and down. She began to moan loudly. Soon we both came in a huge orgasm. She climbed off and got dressed. I couldn't believe what had happend

My hot cousin

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