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Sex Ed

Sex = Female
Where it happened = At his house
Language = English
Refnum = 13117
I was going over a hot football player's house
to help him learn the stuff he missed from
being absent. I just didn't know that his parents
were going to be out.I was telling him about sex ed
when he said: "Ya know, i've always wanted to
try that with you." Right then i asked to go to the
bathroom. I thought it over and no way i was
going to pass a chance was going to pass a chance
with the hottest guy in school. So, i came back
out with my clothes off. He sat there in surprise.
I grabbed his dick through his pants and pulled him
upstairs to his parent's room. I took of his clothes.
and licked his fat dick. He kissed and licked my big
tits. I climbed on him and stuck his cock into my wet
pussy lips. I must of had at least 6 orgasms. We fucked
and licked and suced each other for 20 more minutes.
I heard the garage door open, but was too into sex to care. 5 minutes later, his dad opened the door. We
were both naked and fucking like crazy. His dad just
coolyclosed the door and left. I got dresed and left.
We're still fucking each other till this day.

Sex Ed

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