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Sex = Male
Where it happened = It will happen on my wedding night!
Language = English
Refnum = 1382
I am waiting until marrage because I am a born again bible believing Christain who understands the demensions of sex. Sex is a gift from God that is given to men and women to be enjoyed within a loving and committed marrage. When I give myself for the first time to my wife I will be giving her a peice of my humanity and will become one flesh with her. (That's why it has to be my wife.) Sex has my physical, emotional, and spiritual demensions to it and can only fully be expressed as intended by God in marrage. All of this people that had sex with these people who were not their husband or wife have really settled for second best and may suffer emotional, spiritual, or physical ruin as a result. My advise is to repent, recieve Christ as your savior and wait until marrage to have sex again.


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