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first masterbation

Sex = Female
Where it happened = shower
Language = English
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well this isnt my first time for sex because im still a virgin. This is a story of my first masterbation experience.

I had been reading these stories for about 3-4 weeks and had read about people saying that they had masterbated and i was taking a shower one night and decided id try it. I kinda touched my clit and started rubbing it but that wasnt doing anything for me. So i thought well people always say they like hard and fast sex so i started stroking it quickly i didnt orgasm or anything but it felt really good so i then went to my hole.i stuck my finger in and started to go in and out and again it didnt do much for me so i went and got one of our hair brushes that was about the size of a penis i stuck it me it felt so good i didnt orgasm but it felt so good to just have something inside me i cant wait to have sex although i want to save myself for my husband i think if i had a boyfriend or had the chance for some good sex i would go ahead . well thanks everybody for helping me with my first experience with my body

first masterbation

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