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Fucking While Driving

Sex = Male
Where it happened = In my car
Language = English
Refnum = 12046
OK, so many of you have fucked in a car. How many have fucked while driving a car? It happened to me one night. My girl friend and I had just gotten out of the movie theater. It was some R-rated film with lots of hot sexy scenes. I know my beautiful, brunette, petite girl was getting turned on in the theater. The movie had a car-fuck scene in it. I was curious to try it out.

We didn't say much on the way to her home. I was resting my right hand on her left knee while driving with my left hand (it's an automatic). Slowly, I slid my hand up her mini-skirt, brushing gently against her panty hose and panties, toying with her mound.

It was around midnight, so there was not alot of traffic. I asked her to pull her panty hose down so I can have more access to her panties. Surprisingly, she decided remove her high heels, pulled both her hose and panties off, hiked her skirt up around her waist, reclined her seat all the way back, and placed my hand on her hairy patch.

Extremely turned on by now, I looked in the rear view mirror and check my blind spots to make sure there was no car next to us. Continuing to grasp the steering wheel with my left arm, I promptly shoved my right index finger up her soaked cunt hole. She let out a soft moan as I did that. I withdrew my finger as we stopped at the traffic light to make a turn. Then, as we entered the dark residential area, I inserted my pointing finger this time into her pussy to wet it with her juice, then I reinserted my index finger into her cunt while gently probbing her tight anus with my wet pointing finger.

My girl friend was usually very uptight every time I tried to probe her ass. This time though, she was so turned on she hesitated only briefly as I gently shoved my finger up her ass. Her tight muscles closed around my fingers as I pumped both holes while trying very hard to cruise at a steady 15 - 20 mph and not running into parked vehicles.

It went on for a good 15 minutes, with breaks between turns and stop signs. I must have turned onto every fucking street in that neighborhood that night. Luckily there were not alot of moving cars on the street, and luckily I didn't run into any thing. My girl's cunt was so soaked she must have wetted the car seat. My finger "down south" was getting slimy inside her beautiful ass. However, I didn't mind at all. Her moanings added to my excitement as I plugged her love orifices.

We came to a stop sign. My cock was begging for relief then. I decided to pull over, shifted into "Park", unclipped my seat belt, and shoved my face between her wide-spread thighs. I ate her to a screamming orgasm, her love juice spreading all over my mouth and cheeks. She promptly leaned over and sucked my rock hard cock. Then she climbed over, sat on my laps, eased my red hot cock inside her pussy, and fucked me until I came and came in long spurts.

We cleaned up using the Kleenex box in the back seat, straightened ourselves out, and I took her home. It was our first car fuck ever. We never did it in a car again, but it was one of the best sex we ever had.

Fucking While Driving

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