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Sex = Female
Where it happened = his house
Language = English
Refnum = 1188
I was at his house, we had been dating about a month. My pussy was dripping the minute I walked into his place, knowing that we were "home alone". We immediately went into his room where I exposed my 38DDD tits and he sucked them. His hands gently took off all of my clothes until I was naked. I was GOING TO BE FUCKED! I undressed his scrumptuous body, and there we were, naked together for the first time. It felt wonderful. He had a mean, thick erection which I was dying to wrap my mouth around. When his thick cock slid into my mouth for the first time, he tasted soo good I just had to eat him up. He came a little in my mouth and then for the first time, (both virgins) we fucked. He jammed his thick Nine into my hot wet cunt. It hurt like hell, but I loved the pain he was putting me through. We had found a new love in each other, and are proud that we discovered a sexual realtionship so early in our relationship with both parties WILLING. Today, we have sex at least three times a day. I still think that seven years after he fucked me for the first time, my pussy is still THOBBING!!!!!


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