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pussy kat

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Well, the first time I made love was with the only person whom I will ever love. It was not a kind of Wham, Bam, thank you thing either. It was sensual. I was 18 years old and falling madly in love. I can remember the stories of people saying that you should "wait" until you're married, but I think that you should do it when you are ready. This man did not "take" my viginity, I gave it to him. The thing that I liked most about it, is that we talked about it way before it happened, what would happen if I got pregnant, ect. I know that he loved me at the time (he still does today, we are planning to marry) and if anything ever happened he would be right by myside. Also, he was a virgin too, which made it so wonderful. To exerience our "first times" together. I can remember how he told me that he loved me and that at any point we could stop if I felt uncomfortable. What a gentleman...
I can remember the first time he went inside me, it was amazing. It was not sex, we were making love. I had opportunities for this before, but I was not in love with the person. I am so thankful that I waited for the man that I LOVE and I waited until I WAS READY.

Pussy Kat

pussy kat

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