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pure virgin

Sex = Female
Where it happened = back seat of jeep
Language = English
Refnum = 10713
it was a beautiful summer night and my boyfriend and i were coming home from the movies and i was unexperienced with the whole thing but one thing led to another and before i knew the my most precious part of me was now taken away from me and i knew that i could never take it back but i dont regret it because it was safe and i knew that we would be together for a long time and that he really loved me and would not just dump me after he got what he wanted. we are still together today going strong like i predicted we would b. i have advice to give to all of the yuonger virgins out there if u know that the person does not care about u dont let him take that special part of u away
save for someone who is ready to be seriuos with u!!!

pure virgin

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