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fucking party

Sex = Male
Where it happened = in her bathroom
Language = English
Refnum = 10046
One day, I was supposed to meet up with my friend,
Coleen at her place. I was running late, but when I got
there, the rest of our "gang" was there. ( Coleen was the
only girl in it, but she already had a boyfriend.)There were
only four guys there, including me, and we were all going
to go bowling.
Well, Coleen had to take a shower ( I don't
know why!)before we left, and one of the guys dared me to
sneak up on Coleen. I agreed so I quietly walked to the bath
room with the guys behind me. I opened the door, took off
my clothes and got into the shower. Coleen was very surprised
to see me and I thought that she would freak out. She
didn't and instead, she got a bar of soap and gently started
to lather it on her cute, c cup breasts. When she got done,
she didn't wash it off, but came close to me, bent down, and
cleaned up my dick. I started to feel real horny by then,
so I grabbed her hair, stuck my 8 inch cock her mouth and
cummed. At first, she started to gag a little bit, but
soon swallowed every last bit of hot cum I had at that moment.
Coleen looked up, turned off the shower, and
got out. Pretty soon, the guys that were behind me saw
the steamy moment and barged in. All of them took off their
pants and one of them stuck their dick in her mouth. Another
guy grabbed her pert breasts and began to suck and kiss them.
The third guy was fingering her clit and stuck two of his
fingers in her. She moaned and fucked back. I think that
the guy with his dick in mouth was feeling pretty horny
because when I looked at her, cum was spilling out of her
mouth. I got out of the shower and my dick was hard and I had to
fuck her bad.I got a condom out of my wallet and put it on.Her
pussy was really wet, with her own juices coming out. She
didn't seem to notice me, until I shoved my cock deep into
her pussy. Coleen was surprised and shouted a little bit
with a huge dick in her mouth! Then, she seemed to be enjoying
herself and moved her pussy in and out to help me get inside
of her even deeper.The guy who was fingering her clit
seemed a little left out, so he got a bottle of vaseline
and spread it on her ass and his dick. He slowly slipped
his dick in dick in her ass, and she grinned when she
noticed that she being fucked both ways at the same time!
Now this was a damn good fucking party! I
must have used about three condoms that day! Pretty soon
we all got tired and then Coleen's boyfriend called. After
she got done talking to him, I wanted to fuck her some more.
I ran out of condoms, but I still did a lot of ass fucking
on her. We didn't want to go bowling any more, but every
time we all get together again, we all have a party!

fucking party

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