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Stop it hurts!

Age when it happend: 23
Where it happened: Taxi Cab
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I was comming home from a club, not drunk but feeling good.
I was the last person off, and was siting in the front seat.
We had just droped off my friend and thought I would start
a conversation with my Irakian driver, when I noticed
this huge mound resting under his white jogging pants. Now
I was a virgin, but I did have a few cocks in my mouth,
that was as far as I would ever go. I was getting turned on
by this man, he wore no shirt just an open leather jacket
exposing a well muscled and hairy chest. I remember I was
getting vaginal contractions, and really moist, I had to see
this guys cock. He saw me looking at it, and my heart
jumped, because he had read my mind. He pulled the car over
and moved so he could pull his pants down. What stood before
me, was frieghtening. It was to long and thick to stand
erect, and christ, his balls were larger then kiwis and hung
over the seat. The smell of his man meat filled the car, and
I lifted up my skirt to sit upon his cock. I can tell you
now, I screamed. It was too big to take as my first cock,
but I did. I could smell the blood that had been my hyman,
and he had no intentions of stoping. I hunched over in pain as his cock hit parts that were not ever intened to be touched. I held on to his built and powerful arms through his sqeaking jacket as the leather rubbed the seat. I remember feeling his balls from behind, they coulden’t fit in my hand, and were wet from my lub and blood. When he shot his load, it stung my twat, and squirted out of me from his rod pushing it out of me. He just grunted, and I got off of him. He got out of the car, and pissed on the side of the road, and got back in. As he drove me home, I asked how big his penis was, and I was told 9.5 inches, and 2.5 inces thick. I believe it, even to this day. That night I could not pee without crying, amd my had was crimson from when I touched his balls. I blead for two days, and had to wear a pad. His semen stayed in me for the rest of the night, drenching one of the many pads. I have never seen or had a penis like the one I had in that cab. Nor do I ever want to. Six inches max for me.

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