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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: my garage
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

First time I really enjoyed cummung was with the girl next door. I was in my garage one afternoon wacking off. I loved masturbation and the pleasure it brought to my body. While I was pumping my meat I heard a noise behind me. I looked around and saw Nina the redhead from next door watching me wide eyed. What ya doin Johnny she purred. Getting off I murmured, don’t you do it? She grinned and said, sometimes but it might be more fun with a boy, don’t you think? Guess so, I stammered, what doi you have in mind? Maybe I could kiss your penis, would you like that? Maybe, I said, it might be fun. She came over and kneeled in front of me and reached for my boner. Her warm hands felt food and I shivered with delight. Nina smiled and said, it’s beautiful. I’ve never seen suck a big cock before. My meat was hard and throbbing and a drop of precum was oozing out of my peehole. Nina’s tongue darted out and licked it up, cooed and murmured, that tasstes nice Johnny. Her lips then surrounded my pink cockhead and her hot tongue twirled around it. The feeling was incredible. One of Nina’s hands was stroking my shaft and the other gently fondling my balls. She was aware that I was enjoying her mouth and looked up and smiled. Next she began homming as her wonderful mouth pleasured my meat. I was groaning in pleasure as a surge of passion welled up in my cock & balls. Suddenly, I could hold it no longer and grunted as my cock exploded sending glob after glob of cum down her throat. I was trembling and she was groaning in pleasure.
After my spasms subsided my cock went limp and slid out of her lips. She licked the remaining cum off it and swalled it down. You sure taste good Johnny, how did you like that. I groaned it was wonderful you sure knoiw how to kiss cock. We both laughed and hugged each other.
Nina was breathing hard and asked if I’d kiss her pussy. Sure do I said. She lay down on the workbench raised her knees and spread her legs apart. I could see her pink pussy peeking through wisps of her red cunt hair. The lips were puffy and glistening with moisture. I leaned over and put my face to her crotch. She smelled good and I couldn’t wait to return the oral favors. My tongue darted out and danced around her pussy licking up and down between the lips. She began moaning in pleasure. At the top of her slip was a hard little button and when my tongue licked it she bagan shuddering. Oh Johnny, that’s the place that feels real good keep up what you’re doing please. I continued to caress he love button and it grew larger like a little penis. I closed my lips around it and sucked licking it in a frenzy. Suddenly Nina arched her back, shuddered, screamed and flodded my mouth with her sweet juices. I continued to suck as she came down from her orgasm. Oh Johnny you are a great lover and I love your mouth. She then rose up and kissed me sqauare on the lips and poked her tongue inside caressing mine. I could taste both of our cum in her mouth. Nina and I became fast friends and spent many afternoons in my garage experimenting with giving pleasure to each other’s bodies. We learned how to fuck with each other and used manual and oral sex as a prelude to making love. This girl was so hot and loved to cum with me. After summer was over her family moved away and we never saw each other again. I’ll never forget Nina and the way we learned the art of sex together. I often think of her when jacking off or having sex with other girls and my orgasms are always the best. Thanks Nina for showing me how to have a great time.

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