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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: college dorm room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

ok it all started my first day at my new college. my best friend from highschool, andy, and i were roommates and when we were moving in we met mike. he was living across the hallfrom us. once our parents were gone, our first concer was alcohol. well we ended up meeting stu, he lived farther down the hall. well he got us a couple of cases and the four of us just sat in our room and drank until we were completely trashed. n the midst of our drunkness we decided the enxt night we were going to get a keg up to the room the next night.
as soon as we woke up, we went about getting it. stu got his older friend to get 2 pony kegs for us (they were easier to get up the stairs). anyways once we had those we also got some liqour and made a cooler of hairy buffalo. with all that done, we went to eat and find some people to invite over. anyways we met some girls at wendy’s and invited them. then we all invited a few people we knew from back home. by then we had like 15 or 20 people coming to a little dorm room, so we figured that was enough. stu and mike went back to the dorms, but andy and i went to the bookstore to get our books. afterall classes started in 2 days.
well we went to this place called UBX and bought our books, no big deal. then afterwards we went into this headshop right next door. now andy, me, and all our friends are pretty big pot smokers, so we ahd to check out the bongs and bowls. so we went upstairs. as soon as we got up the stairs andy and i both saw this magnificently beautiful girl working the cashier up there. she was so hot. she had shoulder length brunette hair, dark brown eyes, and a body to die for. anyways neithe rof us thought we had much of a chance, so we didn’t pay much attention to her. andy and i decided that we should buy a new college bong, so we picked out a 3 foot glass one. when i gave my credit card to steph (the hot cashier) she told us she had always wanted to smoke out of that thing. so andy (he has balls when it comes to women) told her she should stop by at our party and smoke with us. she siad she would. neither of us could believe she was coming to our party.
well we went to a couple of other stores, but went back to the dorms shortly after that. ata bout 6:30 PM we tapepd on of the kegs and ordered some pizza. people started arriving by 7, but there was never more than like 12 pople there at once. steph ed with a firend somwtime after 9. she sat next to my on the fouton and we just started talking. she was really cool too. around 9:45 we brought out the weed. we packed that bong up like 4 times. then we smoked 2 bowls of opium. so we all were pretty fucked up by then. we kept playing drinking games and getting even more drunk though. by 11 or so, people were starting to break off into couples or groups. andy, erice (steph’s friend), steph, and i ended up back in our bedroom. we smoked somemore, but then erica and andy started making out, so steph and i left them alone.
however after a few more beers, i started to rub steph’s leg. then we started kissing and before i knew it she was grabbing my cock through my pants. of course i didn’t mind and started to slid my hand up her shirt. now our room was too crowded, so steph and i went across the hall to mike’s room. noone was there, so we went directly to one of the beds. we immediatly started removing each other’s clothes. steph’s body was unbelievable, i couldn’t believ i was going to be with a woman that hot. anyways she was experienced and i wasn’t, so she took control. she told em to sit on the edge of the bed and then went down on me. it was unbelievable. now i ahd been given plenty of head ebfore, but this was better. after about 10minutes i came into her mouth. i then started to suck on her perfectly shaped tits, wjile i fingered her pussy. i then kissed my way down her body to that pussy. i then started to eat her out. she was so wet down there, buti kept going. after awhile i could tell she was about to cum. so i picked up the pae and she came hard. he body spasmed as she shot her shit into my face. then she came again.
aftr a few minutes rest i laid down on the bed as she stroked my cock to make sure it was as hard as it could be. she then positioned herself over me and slid down onto my cock. god that feeling is undescrible. she rode me for about 10 minutes maybe and then i couldn’t take it anymore. i shot my load up into her (good thing she was on the shot). after that she rolled over onto her side, but kept my cock up in her. i was going to slide it out, but she told me to leave it there. she said she like to sleep with a hard cock up n her. who was i to complain. we both just feel asleep with my dick stuck in her tight pussy.
now this part is pretty funny, mike eventually came back to his room and saw us sleeping together with my cock still up in steph. so all those guys managed to get a few pictures of that. a nice momento of my first time. then the next orning when we woke up, we didn’t know mike had came uin there to go to sleep. so we just started fucking againwith him in the room. well of course we woke him up, but we were not goign to stop so he just sat there and watched me fuck the shit out of steph. oh well he is one of my best friends now and we laugh about it quit often.
steph and i are still together, but she isn’t the only woman i have fucked. since then i have fucked erica (the same one from this story), steph’s younger sister, ansd a couple of other girls. i love steph but sex is just too great to stay with one person, atleast for now.

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