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Age when it happend: NA
Where it happened: my home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I was in the shower and my parents went out to see a movie.I was just taking a normal shower, no masterbating or anything
then my step sister walks in the bathroom with her shirt off.I couldn’t really see her breasts and tits through the clear,yet foggy shower curtain. WE had never done anything sexual before, (with each other) she was 14 i was 12 and she had small,
small breasts but she was not flat. anyways i was kinda affraid,of her being half naked, ( i have never seen anypart of her naked before.)so i turned myself into the corner and she took off her jeans,
while not in the shower yet. then she came into the shower and was naked!!! i had my back turned to her and she came up to the back
of me and put her hands around my waist and onto my cock,which was now hard!and she put her cunt to my ass and started
jacking me. then i turned around and looked her in the eye and
kissed her on the lips while my middle finger was going up herass-hole. then she went down on me. she put my whole dick into her mouth
, it was touching the back of her throat. then she slid it out so the
head of my 12year old cock was just inside her mouth and she asked me
to go in and out of her, still i went limp. then we got out of the shower
we didn’t even dry off she got on the floor of the bathroom on her back.
and put her knee’s back up in the air, and made themcomebackto
her tits and pushed her knees_apart,

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