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Step – Mother

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Pool,Shower,Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

It all started when my dad wanted me to visit him down in Florida. He just got married and wanted me to meet his new wife Shannon. I decided to visit him for a month. When I got down there they were meeting me at the airport. When I first laid eyes on her I had a hard on. Well after a few weeks my dad had to go to Californa for his buisness and I stayed with Shannon for the rest of the trip. (Boy was I happy)
The night my dad left while I was sleeping I heard a big splash come from the pool. I went outside to see what it was. It was Shannon skinny dipping. She asked me if I wanted to join her. Ofcourse I said yes. I took of all of my clothes and jumped into the pool. She then swam up to me and said that the water feels good up against your bare body. All I was thinking of was how big her breast were. We talked about all kinds of things school, sports and ofcourse sex. It was getting real late and I was getting really cold. So we got out and went back inside. We both were covered by towels.
When we got back in the house I could feel the clorine all over my body. So I decided to take a shower. She asked if she could join me and I said why not. So we both jumped in the shower and all she could look at was my big cock. She said it was very big for my age and I believed her. She noticed me looking at her big breast and asked if I could wash her body. She handed me a bar of soap and I carresed her body up and down from top to toe. Then she asked if she could wash me. I handed her the bar of soap and she wash me form top to bottom. She liked washing my cock the best. After the shower we went into her bedroom and she said that she wanted to do something special for me. She started taking her robe off (again) and she unzipped my pants and started to suck my cock. I loved how she sucked my cock. I cumed right in her mouth and she laughed. The she laid down on the bed and opened her legs and said to eat her out. So I did. I licked and licked and then fingered her wet pussy. All she did was moan. Then I stuck my hard cock into her wet pussy and she moaned even louder. Then I took my cock out of her and she laid on top of me but her face was down at my cock and her pussy was right at my face. She started to suck my cock and I started to eat her out again. After that she wanted me to suck on her tits. Her tits were beautiful. Her nipples were so hard that they could of poked my eye out. We made love all night long.
The next time I came back we had a threesome with her daughter who is so hot, but thats another story.

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