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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Parked at the lake, in the front seat of my car
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Jason was 16 also and so sexy. He had the clearest blue eyes, dark brown hair, and the body of a greek god. It was Christmas day so we were discussing all the gifts we had got the night before. When i told about the dark green bra and pantie set my best
best friend had bought me he went crazy, asking what it looked like, if he’d ever get to see it, would I model it for him sometime. Smiling sly I told him that I had it on, and that the only way I’d show it off to him was if he’d promise me never to tell
anyone he’d seen me half nude. You have to remember we were still in highschool and rumours fly fast, espeacially when they deal with nudety, foreplay, or sex. He swore to me on our relationship and the love he held in his heart for me that he’d never
tell a soul.
I was nervous at first, slowly unbuttoning my tight red shirt and exposing my full breast tightly enveloped in the the dark material. Jason just stared not know ing what to think. I don’t think he actually believed I’d do it for one, and secondly he was
just as inexperienced as I was. Watching his reaction as I slid my jeans over my thighs and into the floor board, I also noticed by the hard bulge in his pants, exactly how much this strip tease was turning him on. So, I decided since I was already being
so brave I’d go for what I’d thought about all those steamy, lonely nights awake in bed. I was gonna give him a night to remember. Sitting back a minute to give him the full affect of the picture before him I saw his eyes flitter with lust. Smilimg slyly
I leaned over and kissed him passionately, nervously placing my hand on the large bulge between his legs. Gasping he began to kiss me back with the same passion. Relishing in how mich I had turned him on I began to fell my own excitment rise. There had
been plently of nights, lying alone in my room, or relaxing in the bathtube, that I had felt myself. The wetness between my tight lips, how hot I got the more I rubbed. But tonight was an entirely different story. As Jason lightly traced his fingers up
my thighs, which were now stradeling his lap, I felt myself grow wetter. Slowly he bagan to rub my clit through my panties. In the heat of the moment I let out moan grabbing him even tighter where my hand had stayed as I straddeled him. Moaning back he
roughly began to pull my panties down. Rising me off of him he opened the car door and slid out, laying me across the seats. Lazily I raised my legs expecting him to mount me, but instead he lowered his head to finish removing my panties with his mouth.
Filling the wetness between my legs begin to slide down my thigh I felt his warm tongue lick it up. Seductively he kissed his way to my hot spot, where he brought me to my first orgasm with his mouth. Screaming out in pleasure I pulled him up to me, kissing
him as my body exploded in waves of excitment. Relaxing I undid his pants to finally reveal his now huge erection. As he slid his jeans the rest of the way off I began to get scared, ” What if it hurts, what if I get blood on my mom’s car seat, what if…”
Before I could protest with these flooding questions though, he was tearing his way through my virginity. Suprising it didn’t hurt, and if I bled it never got on the car seat. Wrapping my arms around his back I moved with the rythum of his pounding. When I
saw he was about to finish I pushed him off of me, to his dissapointment, but rolled him over and now easily slid down his long shaft, pumping him as a smile flew across his face. He had told me before how in his fantasies, he always imagind the woman taking
charge and finishing the act for him. Putting his hands behind his head he let me do what he’d always dreamed of. I rode him slowly at first, then increased my pace with the rapidness of his breathing, sliding down so hard I could fill his balls slap my ass.
When he could take no more he reached out and grabed my ass so that I pounded him so hard the car rocked with our motions. With a last grind of passion we exploded together. This time my orgasm was intensified by the hot rush of hes fluids pumping inside my
of me. I’m so glad now that I had got on the pill when I turned 16.
Most people say that their first time is either horrible or beautiful, but times afterwards were always better. It wasn’t that way with me though, my first time was so intense, so hot, no one has ever been able to compare. The heat of two lovers who never
experienced such passion is like nothing else. Not to mention jason was the only, of many lovers to ever keep his promise of secrecy…

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