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Where it happened: his sister's house on his nephew's bed
Langauge: English
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

First let me tell you how I met Calvin(squirt). It was after school and my bus was almost an hour late and I was wearing my 4inch heel boots so my feet were killing me.A red cadilliac deville rolled down the street and the driver was checking me out. So he turned on the next street and called me to the car. We introduced ourselves and he introduced me to his uncle and his son.At first we made plans to hook up later on that night but since I had nothing else to do I agreed to ride around with him for a while. We ended up over his sister’s house. We sat on her bed and got to know each other better. We talked about our families, things we like to do, etc., and then he showed me his tattoo. Tattoos are soo sexy!!!!! Anyways, I ended up on his back massaging his shoulders. I was so horney, my nipples were erect and my pussy was so wet.I wanted to have sex with him right then. He was underneath me moaning and asking how I learned to massage so well. What can I say, I’m good with my hands:)it comes natural. After a while he took me home an dwe exchanged numbers an dmade plans for him to pick me up from school the next day since I only had 2 classes and I got out30.
But since I hadn’t talked to him that night I thought he had forgotten about me. However; when I walked out the schoole he was sitting out fornt waiting on me. I felt so special!He had gotten up just to come and get me.
On our way to his house we ran into his baby’s mamma
Jovan(if i ever see that bitch on the street you best believe ima beat her ass but thats another story). Well she was me in the car and flipped out. So we encountered so baby mama drama. So to avoid her we went over his sister’s house. She was there with her male friend but she was on her way to work.
After eating, he sent his son in the other room to watch cartoons. We climbed under the covers and pretended to sleep. It wasn’t long before he was touching and caressing my back. I rolled onto my back so that he could easily access my breasts. His hands glided over my bipples. I felt my pussy begin to leak its juices. I tried to think of other things besides sex but it didn’t work. It wasn’t long before he had lifted my shirt and was fondling my breast through my bra. Then he lifted my bra and began to rub and tease them. I lost all control and was at his mercy.
His hands swiftly found their way to my thighs and before I knew it he had unbuttoned my pants and was pulling them to my ankles. I rolled to my side so that he could suck on my breast. I was scared to maon because his son was in the other room. I gritted my teeth in ecstasy. Soon his pants were removed and he was guidein my hand to his erect penis. I began to massage the head an dthen I began to let my hand wander further and further down. It was huge!I massaged it for about two minutes. Then he mounted me. I anticicpated the pain of his huge penis entering my small cunt. I grasped his shoulders tightly. It felt like he was busting me open. A gasp managed to escape from myy mouth. But after he was thrusting for a while I began to moan in his ear. He spread my legs further apart increasing my pleasure. He came inside me and then pulled out. His hot cum was racing down my thigh and my ass was soaking wet. He got up to go take a shower. I couldn’t even move, he had incapcitated me. I was so sore, espesially my ass though I ‘m not sure why since we did not have anal sex. Needless to say I screwed him every chance I got and still do. He tells me that he knew that I would be deep and very wet because of my dimple.

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