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Spider fetish guy

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: hotel
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

It happened at a hotel–but not the way you think. I was there because of a school trip. (I was a cheerleader, and we travel with the team and the band.)

Anyway the same hotel was having a convention called “Furry” something. I didn’t understand what it was. I just thought they were sports mascots or something, because in their main banquet room they all had animal costumes on. (You know, like at Disneyland.) Later I learned that the “Furries” were really this club for people who like to pretend that they are animals. And have sex with other people who have the same fantasy. They just happened to rent the same hotel as us.

I got to talking with this one guy who was dressed like a big hairy spider, which I thought was cute. It only had six legs, though (made out of wire or something), and I don’t know how many bug eyes on top. Al was kind of pudgy, but not bad-looking for an older guy. He seemed nice, so I did something stupid and went with him to his hotel room. (They all had rooms in the same hotel.)

At first we were just playing, and Al wanted to tie my hands to the bed and be a “fly” for him to eat. Suddenly he puts his head underneath my skirt (I was still in my cheerleader uniform, plus a jacket) and presses his lips against my shorts, breathing heavy. I couldn’t move, I was so nervous. I tried to decide whether to let him or not, because on one hand I was a virgin and wanted to wait for the one guy I was meant to be with forever. But on the other hand everything felt so right for some reason. I did make him untie my hands, though. (The ankles came loose by themselves.)

Al didn’t take off his costume, just opened it a little in the front, where the fly would be. Then he got up and kissed me upside down (I am still tied to the bed) and called me his Mary Jane. He meant Spider-Man’s girlfriend. He told me that Furries are usually prejudiced against spiders (and people like him who like spiders), even though spiders are furry too. We got to talking, and I started liking him even more. So I let him unzip my skirt and slide my shorts down.

And then he got on top of me. I couldn’t breathe, he weighed so much more than me. I tried to shout “help me!” but at first he didn’t understand, since that’s what the little human-headed spider-guy cries out in the original version of “The Fly.” In other words, he thought I was playing along with his fantasy. But Al was very gentle. He kind of propped himself up by his elbows, so his whole weight wasn’t on me, and that’s when it started feeling good. He was a very passionate kisser–always trying to stick his tongue in deep–and his penis was the same way, if you want to know the truth.

He stopped when I started laughing, and he said “what’s funny?” And I told him his penis was all hairy just like his spider-legs. (It smelled funny, too.) He seemed to like that. He asked me, “Would you like to meet my friend Charlotte?” And I said something like “What, now?” And he said “She’s right behind you.”

I was going, what, there’s another girl in here? And suddenly this big hairy spider crawls onto my body. It was a real spider, a tarantula.

“Hello Charlotte,” said Al. He held his hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming, and then said “Don’t move, just let her crawl all over your body. It’s really very sensual, like a feather-duster…” But it was too much for me. I started thrashing around, and it jumped away.

“Watch out!” said Al, “You’ll hurt her!” I didn’t care. I just wanted out. I kept flinching when the spider jumped around between our legs. But that just made Al more excited. He could help himself, he came inside me without a condom or anything.

The last thing I remember before I vomited was Al asking me to marry him. After that I must have blacked out. But Al was very considerate. When I woke up, he had cleaned up my clothes, and put Charlotte in her glass jar. At first I was really freaked out by the whole thing, but I realized that coincidences like this don’t happen by accident. This must be what God wanted. So I agreed to keep seeing him, at least. We broke up later, but that’s a whole other story.

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