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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: All Around My House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

When I was 12 there was this 13 yearold girl that was fully developed. She was nice to me and one day she followed me home from school. She asked me if I wanted to play house?!? I agreed because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. She started to pretend to make dinner. I came in the door and announced that I was home. She asked me how my day was and told me to complain how it was hard work. Then she said “Well honey I have been waiting for you.” She then proceeded for my zipper. She unzipped me and pull out 2 1/2 inces of pure rock. She slipped her lips around my penis and bobbed her head up and down while licking my dick inside her mouth. I could tell she had done this or seen it done before. Soon I felt a pain and yelled OW! She pulled off and I blew a huge wad of cum all over her face. She greedily took it off with her fingers and licked them clean. She then said “Now it’s your turn to play with me.” I had no problem doing that. I ripped open her blouse and grabbed her boobs. I soon felt them getting hard so I started to suck on them. She started quivering and I realized it was gettin dark (and cold). I looked out of the Little Tikes house and noticed no one was home I moved my treasue inside and into my room. We were more comfortable on my bed then in the house. I presumed to play with her nipples. She again started quivering. I was thinking “How can you be cold,” but I looked down and saw her with her hand in her pants. I moved downward and unzipped her pants. I started to lick her pussy and stick my finger in it. A few minutes later she exploded into orgasm. She started saying “OOOH I need you bad.” So I turn her on all fours and started to spank her. She was wildly excited like I knew she would be, because I saw it on TV. She started yelling “Now,” over and over. So I moved her on her back. We Got on the edge of the bed and I pumped in and out faster and faster. Five minutes later she exploded and I blew my load inside her. She was nice enough to suck me dry. She called her mom and said she was sleeping out. We spent the night making love and skipped the next day of school to continue fucking. She loved to be spanked. It was always a way to turn her on. We have now been going out for almost 6 years now. In my pocket is the ring I will give her tonight after we make love again.

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