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sore ass

Age when it happend: NA
Where it happened: under the covers
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

my big brother (15) did me in my butt one night. his pud was so big when he made me suck it first, but he showed me how to wrap my lips around his shaft, and just keeping licking the head. this drove him crazy. we were under the covers in his bed, and he told me to lay on my stomach. so i did, and the feeling when he started licking my ass and fingering my hole was great!!! well finnally he got on top of me, and started putting his snake in my butt. i screamed and screamed as he put it in. finnally he was all the way in and he started humping me hard. after about two minutes of me moaning and yelling, he pulled it out, and made me suck it again. he came in my mouth, and i had a hard time swallowing it all, and some of it got on my face. he asked me if i like the taste, and then he went down on me. this was the first time anyone sucked my peepee and i only lasted about 20 seconds. i came bigtime in his mouth. he didn’t swallow it, and i watched him as he swished it around in his mouth, and gargled my cum. then he bent over me and gave me a kiss. when he did this he spit all my cum into my mouth. it was great!!! i love getting fucked hard up the ass, and i love the taste of cum!!!

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