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Soapy Sex

Where it happened: in the shower
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

When my best friend told me all about the sex she was having with her boyfriend I just had to try it too. I liked Jeremy who was in my class but we wern’t serious but that was about to change. He was playing basketball in the park with his friends and I went over there and when the game was over I invited him to my house. He was all sweatty so I told him he could shower at my house and I would give him some of my brothers cloths. So he got in the shower and then to his surprise a cuple of minutes later I joined him in there. One look at my nude body and his dick shot up like a rocket. I was just as excitd looking at his naked body. I don’t know if Jeremy was a virgin or not but he just sort of took control. He soaped my body down and played with my tits and pussy then we got down on the floor of the tub with him on top and he proceded to fuck me with the water running right down on us. Ooh that was sensual! I bleeded but it ran down the drain then we finished and dried off and went to my bed and did it again. Now I was having as much fun as my best friend had.

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