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Snowstorm Love

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Neighbor's Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Brenda and her husband, Bob, moved into the house across the street from us about 4 years ago. They were a young couple in their mid- 20s. He was a very handsome guy and she was and is an absolute doll. Not long after they moved in, Bob’s National Guard unit was activated and he was sent to Afghanistan, and within 6 months Brenda was left a widow. Everyone in the neighborhood felt very badly about it, and just about everyone in town attended the funeral held at the local Presbyterian Church. I was 13 at the time.

Since that time, Brenda has continued living in their house and works at the Library downtown.

Those of us in the neighborhood feel sorry for Brenda because she has no close relatives in town and both of her parents live out in California. My Dad and Mother help her out quite a bit with things that need doing around the house, because she doesn’t have a lot of time to do them herself. She works 6 days a week.

Three weeks ago we had a terrific snowstorm blow through here that left between 15 and 20 inches of snow clogging our streets and driveways. We have a big snowblower that does a terrific job when the snow has drifted deep, and since Brenda doesn’t have one, my Dad thought it might be a nice gesture for me to go over and clean out her driveway. It was a Friday and all the schools were closed, as were a lot of other places in town. We had not heard whether the Library was closed and Dad thought she might have to get her car out and go to work.

After cleaning out our driveway, which was quite a chore in itself, I started doing Brenda’s, and after an hour or so, I was finished. Needless to say, I was bushed, since I had worked all morning, and even with the big snow-blower, it was hard work.

After finishing Brenda’s driveway and part of the sidewalk leading to her door, which was not quite as deep as the driveway,I parked the snowblower in the driveway and took a shovel and completed the job. Just as I was getting ready to go back home, Brenda stuck her head out the door and started to thank me, saying she was very grateful. And then she said, “Goodness, Tom, you must be exhausted, don’t you want to come in for some hot chocolate or something and warm up?” Since school had been cancelled, I said O.K. It was the first time I had actually been in her house, although I had done some yard work around the house before. I went in through the breezeway and took off my boots, which were pretty wet, and came into the kitchen. Brenda was there in her housecoat or robe and slippers, and again she thanked me for doing the driveway, but then added that they had decided to close the Library, too, so she didn’t have to go to work.

I took off my jacket and hung it over a kitchen chair, and sat down in my jeans and sweater which I had on underneath

This housecoat or robe that Brenda was wearing was floor length and bright red in color and I noticed that she filled it out very nicely. It also had a rather low, plunging V-neckline in front where I could see — not a lot — but some — of her breasts. At 17, I had fooled around a few times with a couple of the high school girls, and had managed to fondle their boobs, but had never gotten very far with any of them, and like most guys my age, in the sex department, had to content myself with jacking off

Brenda went to the stove and made some hot water for the cocoa, and we talked about various things — the terrible Winter weather, the big snowstorm we’d just had, how I was doing in school, etc. When she gave me the hot chocolate, she also placed a plate of cookies on the table and sat down as we continued our conversation. Eventually, she asked me if I had a steady girlfriend, and I told her No, She said that was surprising, since I was such a good looking young guy. She also said that she thought a lot of the high school girls would be after me. I blushed at her suggestions, and thanked her. I guess we sat there for 20 or 30 minutes, and when I finished my hot chocolate and several cookies, I told her I had to get going, and started to put my jacket on. Before I could get both arms in the sleeves, however, she came over to me, as I was standing, and said, “Tom, I think you deserve more than hot chocolate and cookies for all your work, and she embraced and kissed me. We were about the same height and as she continued to kiss me, she sort of pressed her body into mine and, of course, immediately I got an instant hard-on. She was probably ten years older than me, but God, did she feel good!I had never had anything like this happen to me, and for a few seconds, I thought I was dreaming.

Then Brenda whispered in my ear,”Tom, I want to make love to you; would you please stay a little while longer?” Before I could even respond,she untied the cord holding her robe shut, and revealed her perfectly formed naked body. She then proceeded to take off my sweater, and held her breasts to my chest, while continuing to press her bush into my jean-covered erection.

It was not very long before she had led me into her bedroom, and after taking off my sox and jeans and jockeys, I was lying between her legs, my quivering manhood trying to find her vaginal opening. I was very inexperinced at what was about to happen; in fact, I had no experience at all, so she took her hand and guided my penis through her furry forest until the head penetrated her lips. It was absolutely amazing how easily I slid into her love chamber.She was perfectly lubricated, but at the same time,quite tight, so there was just the right amount of friction. She kept encouraging me to go slowly and enjoy every moment, and so I continued to pump with a slow but steady rhythm, as she met my every thrust with one of her own. She kept complimenting me on what a great well-sculpted body I had and how she loved having me inside her. I returned the compliments, telling her about what a wonderful figure she had, as I kissed her breasts and nipples and fondled them with my fingers.

After probably 20 minutes of steady, slow motion fucking, I released my sperm inside her. It was like a volcano erupting, and the feeling was something I had never experienced before when making love to my hand. I had three or four orgasms, and Brenda did too, as she screamed, “TOM, FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!”

I was in Brenda’s bed that morning for probably an hour or more, and when we were through, she asked me how many times I had given such pleasure to a girl before. When I told her that this was my first time, she said she couldn’t believe it because it had been so perfect, and she had never been satisfied like that before.

When I got home that morning, my Mom asked me where I’d been for so long, because she saw our snow-blower sitting out in Brenda’s driveway. I told her that she had invited me in for hot chocolate and cookies, and that I had helped her out with a couple of other things in the house while I was there. (Not exactly a lie, was it?)

Last Sunday afternoon, after church, I was over at Brenda’s again, while my parents went to the Mall to do some shopping, and as soon as I got there, we got naked and she taught me several other positions for making love — all of them great. Our bodies seem to be made for each other. Brenda has told me that she has been very lonely for over three years since her husband, Bob, has been gone, and has needed the affection I am now giving her. Despite our age difference, I am thinking that perhaps in a few years, she might just be the right woman for me to marry. Sexually we are very compatible, and she has a great personality, and we do have a lot in common. My parents probably would be shocked, but after I’m 21, and out on my own, it will be my decision to make.

We will see how it works out. Until then, Brenda and I plan on getting together as often as possible — in her bed — or in one of the reading rooms at the Library.Once you have fucked, you have to have more.

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