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slumber fun

Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: at a slumber party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Sometimes we have parties at the girls school I go to. We don’t have any
liquor there but we sit up and talk about guys all night. One night “Amber”
told this really hot story about her and two guys. It surprised me but I saw
several girl trying to rub themselves without being noticed. Then we started
talking about how many guys we had been with.
When we got around to “karen” she said she had never even been felt up. Amber
started teasing her about being a prude. I asked her if she played with
herself. She said no cuz she didn’t know how. Everyone started laughing at
her. Amber leaned back and said watch and you might learn something. She
pulled her panties to the side and started stroking her pussy. I wanted to
dive right in there. Since nobody was putting a stink up about it I started
stroking mine. Amber asked Karen if she thought she could do it now. Karen
still seemed too shy so Amber ask her if she would do it if the
rest of us did. I expected someone to object but no one did. Watching
everyone else must have got Karen hot because she took off her pj’s. Let me
describe Karen She has long blonde hair almost to her butt small tits with
little small pink nipples. She’s about 5’0″ and has the sweetest little ass
and her pussy. God it makes me hot just to think about it. The lips are small
and she hardly has any hair on it. whats there is
reddish/blonde she’s so damn pretty its
hard to believe she’s so shy. Well she spreads her legs and slowly starts
touching her pussy. She looked up and said am I doing it right. I couldn’t
help myself, I told her I would show her I slid my finger over her clit and
into her pussy. I don’t think there’s a tighter pussy on this earth. It was
like it was grabbing my finger. She was moaning softly and moving her hips up
to meet my hand. It was driving me crazy. I knew that if I didn’t get myself
quick that I would have to dive in there and that would have been a big
mistake. I put my hand down and started pinching my clit. I was sooo wet
(about as wet as I am writing this). As I listened to the other moans in the
room wave after wave of extasy hit me.

that was my first

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