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Slow Dancing

Where it happened: his brother's place
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I had a crush on Tom but he was involved with someone so when I saw him at the homecomming dance he was bummed out. I took him aside and found out they had just broke up. After we talked more it turned out that he had arranged for them to spend the nite at his brother’s place after the dance. Now Tom is real hot looking and super cute and it was so sad to see him unhappy. We danced a few and he was starting to feel better. Then when we slow danced it was getting real hot between us. I wanted him so bad. Finally, I just said that I wanted to spend the night with him. We walked to his brother’s place since we’re too young to drive and I called my mom and said I was staying at a friend’s house. (it wasn’t a lie!) We were all alone and we slowly undressed each other. We fell on to the bed and kissed and licked and sucked each other’s bodies then Tom got a condom and I surrendered to him! It was great because all the foreplay made me ready! I actually came during my first time and all the other times we made love until the next morning. Tom is a great lover and we’re going to do it again next weekend to celebrate his 15th birthday!

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