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Where it happened: my house
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Category: Straight

My best friend hooked me up with one of her guy friends. The first 2 months we talked on the phone. The next few months we decided to meet in person. Over all, we dated for over a year. Almost every night, when my parents are asleep or at work. There are times when my parents go work, I surprised him by showing up at his place. We go out all night until I have to go home before my parents come back. I call him up to come over by my house, it was actually the first time he did ever since we talked on the phone. He sometimes spends the night at my place. After a few visits, I encourage him to go to my school as well. After a few years of trying to get to know each other. I have very strong feelings for him, if I don’t see him, I break down emontionally. It’s stange for me to have it. There was this one time, we got close. I was very nervous. He told me what his feelings about me. He didn’t want to mention it to me. I looked into his eyes, they were intensivilly glowing. I have a feeling that he have been holding it ever since we met so many times. He told me that he wanted to express his love to me. I didn’t really understand what he meant, see it’s my first time exposed by this type of situation. That night, he blind folded my eyes & led me to sit on a chair. He wanted to suprise me, I have no idea what he was up to. It took him a few minutes to set up. He untied the blindfold. The set up was so sweet. it was like a dream come true. There were candles everywhere, soft slow music in the back ground, red rose petals on the bed, champane glasses on the table & chilled Korbel, 2 cans of whipped cream & strawberries, a vase w/ red roses on the table, & food that was ordered to go in the table as well. What a beautiful back ground. He asked me if I wanted to eat. I told him that we have to be quiet because my brother is asleep & he might wake up & tell on me. We ate pasta Alfredo w/ meat balls. He kept looking at me with a stream on his eyes. We had champane, then we danced along w/ the music. As we danced, he whispered things to me. He continued telling me about his feelings towards me. He led me to the bed w/ roses & laid me down gentily on the bed. He told me not to be afraid to let go & show no shame. We knew eachother for a few years. The feeling was very mutual & intense. My mind was paralyzed & my heart started to control me. We kissed like in those passionate soap opera shows. He started feeling me all over w/ his hands so gentle & smooth. We both took off each other’s clothes while kissing. After, taking off our clothes rushed into the shower together & washed each other’s body. Then, we went to the bed both naked. He kissed me soft & slow from head to toe. Then, He went to my thighs kissed them. He went down to my cherry w/ his tongue up & down slowly. I a tingy feeling, I feel inside of me wants to explode. I wanted to hold it. I don’t really know what it was, he kept telling me to let myself go free. I kept it for a while & let it go. Suddenly, some clear fluid came out. It felt so good. He kept doing it again to wore me out. He told me that what he did was eating me. He taught me how to do both of us at the same time. I was on top of him, w/ his penis on front of me. It’s kind of werid for me. He told me to put it in my mouth, up & down so on & so forth. He started to contract, he told me to kept doing it. After a while, fluid came out of him. It was very salty. He laid me down, he put himself inside me. It kind of hurts, he told me to I’m comfortable, tell him to go faster. I felt so tensed but it felt so good, I wanted more. After a few minutes I felt a tingle inside of me again. I’m starting enjoy the feeling. He asked me if I wanted to hold that feeling for a while til he have it, too. He’ll let me know when to let go. So it happened, he finally have that feeling & we both let go. How sensational it was. It was a wonderful night to remember for life time.

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