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Skipping School

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: His Uncle's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I had been messing around with my boyfriend Mike, who was 15, for a few months but we never went all the way, even though we had been nude together before. His uncle would let us come to his apartment where we could be alone. Mike’s uncle was pretty cool, he remembered what it was like to be a teenager and wanted to make sure that his nephew could enjoy sex without fear or sneaking around. Mike could fuck any time he wanted to, just as long as he had safe sex. Mike lost his virginity to his uncle’s girlfriend when he was 14. It was their birthday present to him.

One day Mike was off from school but I had my regular junior high classes. I had decided that I finally wanted Mike to fuck me so I cut class and his uncle, who thought we both had the day off, picked us up and left us at his place before he went back to work. We immediately went to the bed where Mike sleeps when he stays with his uncle and began to make out on the bed. We were quickly out of all our clothes and my mouth was on Mike’s dick where it had been many times before. We turned around into the 69 position and he was eating me out. That boy sure knew how to use his tongue! He got a mouthful of my juices and I told him I was finally ready to have him fuck me. He rolled over, opened the night stand drawer and took out the box of condoms his uncle gave him. He tore one open and rolled it onto his thick, solid dick that I had just been sucking. He mounted me, rammed into me and started fucking me so hard. He kept slipping out of me so he lifted up my leg and put it over his shoulder. This tightened me up and he had a clear shot into me. He had popped my cherry the first time he had fingerfucked me, so this experience was pure pleasure. I could see us fucking on the mirror on his dresser and his bare body looked so good on top of mine. It felt as good as it looked. I started cumming like I never had before. Mike came too about the same time. It was an awesome experience, my first time and Mike’s first in about five months. We filled up four condoms that afternoon and we wore ourselves out so much that we actually fell asleep in each others arms. That’s how Mike’s uncle found us when he came home from from work. We woke up, naked and embaressed, but Mike’s uncle just smiled at us and said hey, it’s great to a kid. I’ve enjoyed sex tremendously from that day forward and I’ll always appreciate Mike and his uncle for allowing sex to be pleasureable.

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