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Skinny Little Bathing Beauty

Age when it happend: 44
Where it happened: House
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

We have the neighbor swimming pool used by all the neighbor kids. We had a new hispanic family move in and one of the kids invited them to come swimming. All 5 of them! The oldest was 12, tall, slender and a dark haired little beauty. She wore a blue stripped bikini, that was obviously to small, and rather worn. On occasion one of her little boobs would slip out of the top, and she would have to tuck it in. Her bottoms were tight and appeared to be unlined as they would give her a wedgey in front, with her little pussy lips visible on both sides. As you can tell I WAS paying attention. I asked one of the girls what size she wore and on my next trip to town I bought her a new bathing suit. The next day when she arrive I asked her to come into the house I had a surprise for her? She came in and I presented her with the new bikini and she hugged me and said thanks, and to my surprise just pulled her bottoms down, stepped out of them, undid her top and dropped it to the floor and stood naked in front of me and reached out to me for the new suit! Her boobs were at best a A cup, probably AA and that little pussy I had seen much of though her suit was now there in plain sight even prettier than I had imagined? Just enough pussy hair to see that it was starting to grow! Her tan lines were magnificent, sooo sexy. I said Carla you are naked and she said I know, it’s ok. Can I have my suit? Or do you want to see me more? Sure I said I want to see more, you are so pretty. She said after I am done swimming I will show you everything ok? I swallowed hard and said ok! I had a hard on on and off for the 2 hours I watched her in the pool. After a few hours the kids were all done and she came into the house after sending her brothers and sisters home. She said can I keep the bikini and I said sure it’s for you, and she hugged me again, getting me wet on my chest and shorts. She stepped back and said how does my new suit look on me? I said great, but it would look even better off of you? She smiled and pulled her bottoms off and then let her top reveal her little boobs, and she said like this? I gasped and said yes, yes like that. I didn’t know what to say, and we just stood in silence for minutes as I surveyed the beautiful skinny little naked 12 year old girl standing in front of me! She is about 5’6″ tall, and I asked her how much she weighted, 91 pounds she said. Short dark, even black hair, she could have been mistaken for a boy from the back, but there was no mistaking that she was all girl from the front! Long long skinny legs, her nipples no bigger than a quarter, and the prettiest little cunt I have ever seen! ALL GIRL for sure! I could see the attention I was paying her, and her pussy was making her alittle uneasy, maybe not uneasy, but excited, as her little pussy lips were turning pink! My dick was so hard, and sticking out of my bathing suit, I was hoping she wouldn’t notice. Finally she said do you want to see more, cuz I told you I would show you everything? I said what else is there, you are all the way naked? I will show you what I show my brothers ok? I sighed and said ok. She sat up on the kitchen table, put her feet on the chairs and spread her knees to totally expose her pussy to me! She smiled at me and said do you like it? I said yes, and she said do you want to see my clit and I said yes yes. She reached down with both hands, spreading her pussy lips apart showing me her clitoris! Wow I said. She was spreading them far enough that her vagina was visible and I almost came in my pants. I said Carla, you do this for your brothers to see, and she said yup and sometimes some of their friends too. Then they show me theirs. I said theirs? She said yes, you know their cocks. And then she said can I see yours? I didn’t know waht to say or do. I looked down and saw that magnificent little pussy, she released the grip on her pussy, letting her pussy lips return to their normal position, swollen, red and now wet, but to normal position, and then put her hands on her knees further spreading her legs. Then she said please, let me see it? I couldn’t help myself, I pulled down my suit and stepped between her legs and started to pump my cock, she grabbed it and started pumping it even faster, I pushed closer and my balls were on her little pussy and she was pumping my cock with both hands and it took only a minute or so and I came all over her chest, cum was on her left boob and up and down her chest and stomach. I never touched her pussy, or boobs, but placed both my hands on her knees when she took over pumping my cock. She moved one hand down to her pussy and I think she was rubbing her clit, cuz she started to moan and I am guessing she came? She stood up on the chairs, hugged me extra hard, with my head right at her breasts level, and said can I come back tomorrow? I said yes yes yes you can. She smiled, pulled her clothes out of her grocery bag, pulled up her pink panties, then her cut off shorts, and put on a tshirt and ran out the door! And said see you tomorrow! I can’t wait until her next visit?

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