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Sisters Friends

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Parents House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Last month my Parents decided to go on vacation for a couple days leaving my 19 year old sister and me alone for a couple of days. My sister decided to stay home for the evening and watch tv. This didnt last long when her boyfriend called her and they ended up going out. This left me home alone. I took the oppuritunity being alone to watch one of my fathers pornos. Half way thru the movie the door bell rang. Suprised…I didnt want to answer the door because the moive gave me a huge hard on. I went to the door and opened it. It was 2 of my sister’s friends Nicole and Debbie. They asked were my sister was, expectig her to be home. I told them that her boyfriend called and she decided to go out. In the background you could her the movie. They asked what I was doing? as Nicole saw my hard dick almost busting out of my jeans. I told them that I was watching a movie. They were suprised to see the prono on the tv. Nicole and Debbie have always teased me saying they couldnt wait till I turned 18. Nicole noticed my hard dick busting out of my pants. She asked if I liked watching porno’s? I was nervous and scared but I told her that I did. Debbie asked me if I was still a virgin? I told her that I was and she turned to Nicole and said “We can take care of that”. I was shocked!!! I dindt know what she meant by that. Debbie stood up in front of me and started to unbutton her blouse, exposing her perfect tits. She then pulled down her skirt and panties exposing a perfect blond muff. She asked if I liked what I saw? I couldnt believe my eyes, I just nodded my head yes. She got down in front of me and started rubbing my dick thru my pants. I didnt know what to do. She told me to relax and enjoy. She then pulled down my pants and underware. She was suprised when she saw how hard my cock was. Nicole was getting excited as well and started to take off her cloths . Debbie started to stroke my dick it felt so good. She asked me if I ever had a blow job? I told her no but I sure would like her to give me my first. Debbie put her mouth around my cock and started sucking I just about blew my load. Nicole joined in and starting licking my balls. I felt like I was going to cum so I told them. They said dont worry you can cum in our mouths. After she said that it didnt take long for me to shoot my load. They watched it come out and both took turns drinking it up. My dick was still hard as a brick as Debbie turned to Nicole and said “lets show him how to fuck”. She asked me if I was ready to fuck them. I was so scared but couldnt wait. Debbie asked me how I would like it. Not having sex before I didnt know what to tell her so I told her to do what ever she wanted. She told me to get on the floor and lay down. She then got on top of me. She grabbed my dick and slowly put it in her wet hot pussy. It felt so damm good as she moved up and down real slow. Nicole was getting hotter and hotter watching us fuck. She then told Debbie it was time for a new position. Nicole then bent over leaning on the couch and ask me to fuck her from behind. Debbie helped guide my throbbing dick inside of her. As I was fucking her she kept screaming for me to fuck her harder and harder. At this point I couldnt take it any more I started to cum inside of her. At this point she started to have an orgasim. Debbie then asked me to fuck her from behind as well. So I pulled out and started fucking her. After a couple min. she was having an orgasim. We went upstairs and took a shower to cool off. We never told my sister about that night but we decieded that we would do it again real soon.

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