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Sister’s Friends

Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: Grandmother's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I was spending the summer in FL at my Grandmother’s house with my sister. One day a friend of our Grams introduced her two granddaughters to us. The two girls Laura and Sharon were sisters and were also spending the summer in FL. Needless to say we all became friends.
About two weeks later they spent three days and nights with us. We were all around the same age and our families thought that it would be fun to have someone our own ages to play with.
The first night my Gram went to bed early and the girls were playing in their bedroom. I was left out of their fun being the only guy in the house. I was stuck watching tv. About a hour later Laura came out wearing a teddy and panties and told me that my sister and Sharon were tired and had gone to bed. I was laying on the floor at the time when Laura threw a pillow on the floor and laid down next to me. I was looking her over and she was looking good. She was very tall for her age and well devolped for her age.
She tld me she would have gone to sleep also but she had a pain in her neck. So I offered to rub her neck for her.
After a few minutes I began to rub her back, and since she did’nt mind I started to go under her teddy. Again I was rubbing her back when I moved to her sides then to her tits. She jumped at first, then I told her to let me give her a full body massage. She was ok with it til I kissed her tits and moved my hands down to her pussy. She stopped me because her of her period and that she was wearing a tampon.
She left the room and went to the go into the bathroom I followed her in there I gave her a kiss and told her it was ok. I rubbed her pussy again and told her that I wanted to taste her pussy. I pulled her panties down and stuck my face into her pussy. It was great, but she stopped me again and then left the bathroom and went into the girl’s bedroom. End of that night.
The next morning she was acting strange and Sharon asked me if anything happened, I told her no.
Later in the day we were all playing in the yard with the hose getting everyone wet when i decided to go in. Sharon followed me in and told m that she wanted to talk to me in her room.
She wanted to know what I did last night, I said fine let me show you. I started by giving her a neck rub then removed her top and started to rub her tits. She tried to stop me but I said that I was going to do to her what I did to her sister. She then said ok. I started to suck her tits when I looked down and saw that she have started playing with her pussy. At this point I said to her what the fuck and took her pants off. She removed my pants and grabbed my dick. She told me to eat her out and get her wet. I didn’t have to be told twice. After she came, I climbed on top of her and started to stick my dick into her when she told me that she knows that I did not get this far with her sister because of her period. I told her that she was right and that I knew that she was a virgin. We fucked till I blew my load into her, she told me not to worry because she had her period the week before.
I later found out that Laura like me but was afraid of sex because of something that had happened to her years ago. I never fucked Laura but over the rest of the summer Sharon and I had many get togethers.

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