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Sister’s boyfriend

Where it happened: my bedroom
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I the guy (Dion) 0 and my sister (Kelly) 9. Dion was a guy that was just too good to be true. He was light skinned, 6’2 200 pounds, very muscular body (football player), hazel eyes, really nice and sweet, didn’t drink or smoke, absolutely perfect. He and my sister went to the same college which was only about 15 minutes away. She was totally wrong for him because she didn’t really do go in relationships and she also liked roughnecks. She cheated on him many times before however he only knew of two, but she would beg his forgiveness and go back to him. I couldn’t stand to see him suffer sometimes and I would even ask him sometimes not to take her back but he would go back. The time she cheated on him we started talking and became fast friends. Sometimes we would talk to each other for a long time on the telephone.

Well this one particular day Dion caught her cheating in her dorm room. Amazingly he came to see me. He told me that he beat up the guy and just left. So I asked him to hang out with me for a while; my sister never comes home and my parents were out of town at a convention. We watched movies and he started to forget about her. Well it got late and he decided to head back for the dorms. It seem to happen like out of a TV series or something but I walked him to the door and told him not to worry about Kelly anymore because there is somebody better for him. He thanked me and then hugged me tight and gave me a kiss on my check then then on my head and then just started kissing me in my lips. As he kissed me, I begin pulling off his shirt and he begin pull off mine. He started sucking my titties gently but vigorously. Finally when we were totally stripped naked he picked me up and carried me to my room and begin to lick up and down my body. He opened my legs and licked all around my pussy teasing me until I started to moan real loud. He started eating me out and finger fucking me. He had some of the largest fingers. I thought for sure that my cherry was popped by then. He was giving me so much pleasure that he wouldn’t even allow me to return the favor. He started licking my body again and by that time I started to lick his. Finally he laid me on my back and looked at me with those gorgeous eyes and grabbed his dick. It was soooo long and thick (later I measured it and found it to be and exact 9 inches). He massaged my pussy lips first and got the whole area wet with my juices and even started to tongue me somemore just to make sure that I was totally wet. Then he started entering me. At first I jumped and he hesitated then he started feeding me inch by inch. Damn it was sooooo big halfway in he started thrusting in and out. I knew that he was hitting my cherry. It was a little painful and when he finally burst through it hurt but I didn’t give up, I just let him continue and continue he did. s after that came complete pleasure and I was feeling so gooooood. He thrusted and gyrated and moved his dick inside of me. He knew exactly how to hit every inch of my pussy with his dick I lost count of my orgasms after the 12th time I came. Finally after a fuck session of an hour and a half he whispered to me, “I’m tired of holding this back.” and I whispered back to him to go ahead and cum. He started fucking me so hard, I thought that he would smash my body into pieces. We held each other tight and he gushed cum inside of me…..that was also when we realized that we didn’t use any type of protection…..however there was nothing we could do so he just held me and we fall asleep. We got up the next morning took a shower and to our surprise my sister was there and saw us getting out of the shower. She was mad but later on she dropped it and told me that I would be better for him anyway. Amazing enough, we are getting married in two months.

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