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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

My first time was with my half sister. I was in our hot-tub
and she and her friend came out and got in. After a few
minutes it got to hot so I got out and went in to change my
clothes. I went in my room and took my swimming trunks off,
I was looking for some clothes and she and her friend came
in my room without any clothes on and got on the bed. They
said “nice shoe’s wanna fuck”? hahaha So i went over and
started to kiss my sisters friend because I had never done
this before so I did not really want to do it with my sister.
While we were kissing my sister started sucking my dick it
suprised me cause she is kinda shy but I didn’t care. I was
trying to make my sister jelious so I let her friend suck my
dick. after a few minutes i came in her mouth then I ate her
out until she came on my face then they both licked it off
my face. I laid back on the bed and my sister said it was my
turn to eat her out so she got on her nees and sat on my face
so i started eating her out while i was eating her out her friend
was jacking me off when i got hard she got on me and started
lowering her self on my dick she screamed and bleed a little
bit but after that she said it did not hurt and she kept going
finally my sister came and then she laid down beside me. Her
friend got tired and quit and laid down beside me too. then my
sister got on me and she sat down on my dick she was tight
and she screamed but in a few minutes she was better she was
really wild and she was going fast. her friend was behind me
fingering her up the butt as she fucked me. We all got tired
and quit and got our clothes on. Now every time our parents
go some where we fuck!

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