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Sindhu mol , kerala

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: in Kerala
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I remember the first hairs sprouting on my pussy when I was about 13. I thought they were really gross. I just couldn’t stand seeing them, but I didn’t know what to do about it. As the months went by, more and more hairs grew on my once pretty little bald mound. I hated it. By the time I was 14 I had a full bush, and although I’m a blonde, it was really dark and ugly. I didn’t want to look like an old lady with a hairy pussy, but I thought I’d just have to live with it that way. No one had ever told me it could be different. Until I met Tracy, that is.Latha was a new girl in school, really pretty and instantly popular and she and I hit it off right away. She made it onto the Cheerleader squad easily, and since I was a cheerleader as well, we spent a lot of time together, getting to be very close friends in just a few weeks. One Friday afternoon, Latha asked me to spend the night at her house since her parents would be out of town and she didn’t want to be there alone. I got permission from my mom and got a ride over there.
Latha answered the door in a tiny bikini. It was early October and still really warm here in Thrissur. latha asked me if I had brought my suit so we could go swimming in her pool. I said I hadn’t, but since we were the same size, she said I could borrow one of hers. We walked up to her room and she showed me her bikini collection. All the bikinis were so tiny! I had a great body, but my pussy was so hairy, I knew that it would show around the edges of that tiny little thong, I was so embarrassed! I put the bikini on anyway, but I saw Latha staring at all the stray hairs coming out from around the crotch of my bikini. I thought I would die from shame.
Latha just said to me, “Sindhu, you need to shave, girl!”. I just looked at her like an idiot, dumbfounded. It never occurred to me to do that and I told her I didn’t know how to do it. I mean, do you do it in front of a mirror or in the bathtub or what, I inquired. Latha said I was silly and that I should just follow her into the bathroom. She told me she’d be happy to shave my pussy for me and show me just what to do. I was a little shy about it, but I really felt relieved that I could be getting rid of this horrible hair after all! Latha had me stand in the tub after I pulled my bikini bottoms off, and she ran some water in the tub. She knelt on the rug next to the tub and grabbed a can of shaving cream. She wet my pussy hair and smoothed on the cream. She then took a new razor and starting slowly shaving the hair off my mound. It felt a little funny, but I was kinda getting turned on too. I could see latha’s nipples as she bent over me and they excited me, though I’d never thought I was into girls like that. As Latha shaved me and cleaned the razor off in the tub, she worked her way down to my lips. She , “It’s really important not to cut yourself here, so I always put a finger on my clit to be sure I’m not getting to close to it. Her finger slipped between my cream-covered cunt lips and found my hardening clittie right away. I gasped when she grabbed it with two fingers and started squeezing it gently while she shaved my tender lips. I think she probably didn’t even need the shaving cream by then, cause my hole was so juiced up from her playful pinching of my clittie, she could have used it to shave me. Finally, Latha had all the hair gone off my teenaged twat. She rinsed me, then had me step out of the tub and look at myself in the full length mirror on the door. Wow! My pussy looked so young and sweet again!. My cunt was still throbbing though when Latha said, “Look, Sindhu, now yours looks just like mine!” and pulled her bikini off and let it slide down her long legs to the floor. I just let my jaw fall open and stared at her beautiful little puss. Latha just stared back at me for a second, and then, without saying another word, took my hand and led me to the bedroom. She pushed me back onto the bed and gently opened my legs and put her mouth right on my freshly-shaved snatch. Her tongue found my protruding clittie right away and she sucked it expertly into her mouth. I lay back and moaned and squirmed, pushing my pelvis against Latha’s beautiful face. Here I was, still a virgin, getting my twat licked by another cheerleader from my squad. I was surprised at how horny she made me. She licked and sucked and pinched my clit, pushing a finger up into my tight little cherry-hole. I came in about two minutes, that’s how much she turned me on. I screamed and ground my puss against her mouth. Latha kept on licking me until she had gotten all my pussy cream cleaned up, then sat up and said, “Ok, my turn!”. She lay down on the bed and pulled her knees up to her chest, which caused her pale pussy lips to open to reveal her bright pink inner
pussy. I leaned over here and tentatively licked her clit a little. She put her hand on the back of my head and told me to suck it just the way she had done for me. I was shy at first, but within a couple of minutes I was lapping away at her beautiful cunt just the way she had done for me. I think that pussy licking comes naturally to girls.
I sucked and finger-fucked her until she trembled with her cum and a flood of pussy juice flowed out from her hole. I licked it up the way she had done and then collapsed on the bed next to her. We were a little shy with
each other for a while, neither of us wanting to talk about what had happened between us, though I knew without asking that it wasn’t Latha’s first time with a girl.
After a few minutes, Latha got up, put her bikini back on and said, “Come on, Sindhu, let’s go swimming”. I put on my bikini and we went down to the pool.

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