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Where it happened: her house
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

OK.Every day I saw this girl on my way to school. We had small talk every know and then untill this one day she forgot to take out the trash and the garbageman was down the street on the the way to pick her trash. So she yells hay come here for a ,so I went she ask me to do her the favor so I did. After I did that I was washing my hands in her bathroom. I was kind of in a rush to go to school since I was already late I didn’t want to be anylater. Then she walks in(by the way her name is Donna) and she thanked me. She asked me if I had girlfriend I told her I didn’t. I asked her if she had a boyfriend she said she didn’t like having boyfriends because she couldn’t fuck other guys. So I said you like to fuck around she said yeah. I was like wow, this is my chance. So I asked her if i ask you to fuck me would you, she said yes but not any body only me because she had a crush on me for the longest. I forgot about school.I rather get layed then have math test. She showed me to her room. By now my heart was beating fast and she noticed. She asked me if this was my first time I said no. So she got on her bed and said so are going to kiss me or what. I knew how to do that so I kissed while taking her clothes off. I did everything I learned from pornos. By the time I knew it I was only in my my boxers and she was on top of me grinding me hard. By that time I I was so hard it hurt. She and I noticed a wet spot of precum on my boxers. So she went down on me and befor I could blink she had me all the way in her mouth.It incredible My first blowjob Woo! It felt so good I was about to shout off in five minuts. So i didnt want to dissapoint her so I told her let me try her. I put my legs inbetween her legs and stated licking away. It wasn’t that bad it was kind of musky but I got over that. I kept licking away I didn’t know what I was doing but I was doing something right because she was sliding all over the bed. I couldn’t take it nomore so after a few more licks I asked her if she was ready for me she shook her head yes. so layed over her and tried to put my dick in her but I couldn’t find it so she guided my dick in her. I took control from there I pumped furiously until I came It was wonderful We fucked for the rest of the day until school was out, and some days she needed help wih the trash.

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