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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Brother's Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Well, it was with my brother Gary.

My brother Gary had found out the I had given this guy in school a blow job. My dad was very strict. He would have beat the hell out of me if he would have ever found out. He beat me a lot for much less.

I went to school in Ohio. My brother found out that I had given this guy a blow job. I was so scared when he told me. I begged him not to tell. He always loved it when I got my ass beat by our dumb ass dad.

He said he was going to tell our Dad. I was crying I begged him not to. I followed him into his room, across the hall from mine. To make a long story short he told me if I sucked his dick he wouldn’t tell. My god how gross. But it was better then getting my ass beat for days by my dad. So I was all crying and I agreed. He was 17 at the time. I got down on my knees and he said first take off your shirt and your bra, so I did. Then he said take off your pants too. Still crying I did, I was sitting on my knees in my panties in my brothers room. He walked over to me and pulled out his dick. And put it to my mouth, I said please don’t do this.

He told me to shut up and suck like I had the boy from my school. He pushed it into my mouth, it was a lot bigger then the boy in school. I started sucking on it still crying. He then says you need to do better then that. This was only the second time I had ever done this. He was rubbing on my boobs. He was enjoying this to much.

He then told me that I had better do a better job, he told me I had to get him off and swallow. If not he would tell. I hade no clue how to get a guy off, he started pushing it in and out of my mouth faster and faster. He never did cum.

Then he pulls it out pushes me on his bed. I said what are you doing. He then pulls my panties off, damn near rips them off. I said what are you doing. Your my brother, I’m a virgin, that wasn’t part of the deal. He told me to shut the hell up and said your a slut not a virgin.

Then he got on top of me, I was crying he told me to shut the fuck up. He got between my legs and pushed it in, he just put the tip in at first. He started pushing it in and out and then says “Karry, I will stop if you want but I will tell Dad”. I figured he was already in, I lost already. Then my brother asked me “well do you want me to stop?” I said no…

Then the bastard says oh you are a virgin. Oh wait I mean you were a virgin and slams the rest of the way into me, and popped my cherry it hurt so bad, there was blood all over his bed. Then he finally came and pulled out either before he came or after he started to cum as he was sucking on my nipple.

He later said he didn’t get any in me. I hurt for days, I was scared I would be pregnant. And then it got worse, he brought some friend of his over to do me a few more times.

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