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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: slumber party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I had just turned 15 and a friend gave me a birthday/slumber party on a friday night. She was 16 and her sister was 17.There were 8 girls plus her mom and anothers girls mom to make sure no boy’s showed up.The evening started out with pizza sodas and movies from the local video store.After the movies we all decided to get into our PJ’s.The Mom’s said they would be downstairs if we needed them. Up in the oldest girls room it was sugested that we play Twister.I felt a little nervous so it was decided that I would spin and give instructions.The girls paired up to have a tournament.As the game progressed with the first two girls everyone seemed to be having a good time.The 17 year old was wearing a yellow nighty that you could see her breast through. Her opponent was wearing panties and a t shirt no bra. AS I gave instructed we all watched as the girls rubbed against each other.after just a few calls the older sister lost when she tried to move one of her legs.SHe fell on top of the other girl with her breast against the other girls bottom. As they got up every one could see that both girls nipples were hard.There seemed to be a tension building as each game went on. My friend waited till the last and begged me to play so one of the other girl took my place. I was wearing panties and a plaid pajama top no bra friend had on just a sleeping shirt that came down to her knees.As we twisted and turned at one point I felt her bush against the back of one of my legs before she fell on top of me.When we were done every one seemed to lose intrest and said they were ready to get some sleep. I was feeling turned on from my friends pussy having been against my leg and feeling her breast against my back when she fell. I said I wanted to take a shower and went down the hall.Once in the shower I started to play with my breast.I was concentrating on my titties and didn’t hear the door open until my friend coughed and said she needed to use the bathroom if I didn’t mind.I said it was okay and she lifted the nightshirt completely off. I felt a funny feeling between my legs looking at her through the sliding glass doors of the shower.She must have felt me looking because when she finnished she laughed and opened the door and stepped in with me.We just stood there looking at each other for a few minuets.Then looking at my titties she stepped up to me until our breast were touching.I just stood there not sure what to do.So I did nothing.Next she leaned in and kissed me,at first just lips. When I still didn’t pull away she licked my lips and placed her hands on my butt.Then I came alive and opened my mouth and put my hands behind her head and pressed my body back against hers.After awhile we stopped kissing and started playing with each others titties.She pulled my head down to her left breast and whisperd for me to kiss it.The nipple felt rubery as I licked around it while she continued to tell me how good it felt.She then started to kiss her way down to my breast. And licked and blew on them alternately. By this time my pussy was really tingling.We got out of the shower and dried off.When we went back to the room I noticed that all the girls were paired up and naked making out. I had been set up. To include the moms who i was told by my friend were downstairs having sex with each other. After the embarresment and shock wore off the fun continued until morning. Since then I have had sex with her several times while her mother walked in and out of the room in the nude.She explained to me that she would rather have her daughter have sex with girls than get pregnant from a boy until she is ready to get married. MY mother would die if she knew I was into licking pussy.

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