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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: cousins house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

well it happened in summer 1999 I went to go visit my relatives in Vancouver and i had two cousins there that were my age so i stayed with them, it was early august and i the weather was HOT there was a kind of heat wave going on, well it wasn’t the second night that i was there when i took a shower and was getting ready to go to bed well i was changing in my cousins room, they are both male same age ass me well i hadn’t jacked of for about a week and i needed to releave myself, all i had on was a towel and every one was waching a movie in the living room so i started to do my buisnes it wasn’t two minutes when one of my cousins ( lets call him jack) cought me red handed (he wanted to know what was taking so long).

well when he saw me he stoped in mid scentence and just stared for about a minute, well i caughed sarcasticly to get his attention and he finaly snaped out of it and he closed the door and walked up to me and looked at the magasine i was jacking of to ( it was a swimsuit illustrated) and he wiped out his dick and it was already hard, but it wasn’t bigger than mine his was about 5 inch. mine was about 6 and a half inches well any way since he was jacking i might as well have to so i did it took about five minutes but we both shot our loads and finished cleaning up and went to go watch the movie.

it wasn’t three days later, it was about noon time and well i do sleep in alot, my aunt and uncle had gon to work and that left me and my cousins. they were already up and watching t.v. so i thought well i got up and whent to the bathroom down the hall it was right beside the living room when i heard loud maoning from the living room so i went to investigate and i saw that jack and bill ( the other cousin) were watching a porno tape and were both jacking of so when they saw me, they weren’t very surprised so they continude to do there work so i took up a chair and joined them when all three of us finished bill told me that the neighbour was coming over in ten minutes. i told them i was cool with that until i found out the neighbour was a girl and damn was she fine well when i was eating breakfast all three of them were in the living room watching tv, ( i’m sure it was football. so when i was finished i came to join them well to my surprise bill and jack had taken up the same spot in the living room as they always do and kelly ( the neighbour) was looking in the video booth for a movie to watch when she (accidentaly) found the porno tape and poped it in and took up a spot next to me and well to my surprise jack sudenly poped out his dick and started jacking of well kelly didn’t seem surprised especialy when bill did the same, well i didn’t know what to do but just watch but the icing on the cake was when kelly took of her shorts and panties and showed of her shaved pussy to all of us well she started to finger herself and it wasn’t the first time i’ve seen this wonderfull act but it sure ass hell was amasing well she sudenly stoped and looked at me and looked down that’s when i knew what to do.

well while we were all releaving ourselves porno tape turned into a orgy and to my surprise it was three guys and a girl well we all started to laugh and gigle and i started to look over to bill, jack and kelly and they were starting to take of there clothes well so did i so we were all standing there and we were all naked and staring at each other well the guys were realy staring at Kelly and her B sized breasts and just out of no were we all atacked Kelly and i got the pussy Bill got her left tit and jack got her right tit. let me tell you this girl was slipperier than melted butter and did she taste good, while i was eating out Jack stoped sucking kelly’s tit and shoved his dick into her mouth my dick felt niglegted and i just shoved my dick in her pussy and i was raming her like no tomorow it was five minutes when i couldn’t last any longer and i quickly took my dick out and came all over her stomach.

that’s when we rotated i got her tits, bill got his dicl sucked and Jack was raming her, he lasted about five minutes to and so did Bill when we were done we just lade on each other and fondeling Kelly all over for about an hour when she said she wanted to go so we all got a reall good blowjob befor she left and we all cleaned up and i found out that it was all our first time even thoe we all said that we had fucked before. but the thing i hadn’t tought of at the moment was that Kelly hadn’t argued of the pain or that their wasn’t any blood from her behave well i don’t really care i just can’t wait to go back this august.

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