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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: boyfriends house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I had been seeing my boyfriend for a few weeks we had done a few things kissed touched each other ect, On this day I knew he had been playing football and I went to his thinking I would catch him in the bath. As I went in and up the stairs I could hear the water splashing not thinking I pushed the door open and strode in shouting whos a dirty boy. I froze when I realised it was not Steve but his father he looked me in the eye and said so this what you get up to when no one is here. I think I will have to speak to your parents I stamered I was only fooling around we would not have done anything, my mind was racing thinking i’m dead my parents will kill me and I havent done anything wrong.
I didnt even realise that he had climbed out of the bath and had gone passed me and closed the door untill he put his hand on my shoulder ,it was then that I noticed his cock Steve’s cock was the biggest I had played with and I had played with a few but his dad’s was the same size as steve’s and it was hanging down limp, i could’nt take my eyes off it I just stared at it. his hand was moving up my leg and all i could do was look at his growing cock his fingers found the edge of my panties and began to explore.
This brought me straight back to what was happening but I could’nt stop looking at his large cock infront of me, he took my hand and whispered I know you like to play I have seen you two through the door.
So if we play now, I might forget all about this little incident. I didnt know what to do I should have just bolted out of the door but his finger was tracing my pussy and it felt wonderfull.My hand reached out and touched his hard cock and that was it at fourteen I had been fingerd a few times and i had tossed a couple of boys off including Steve but I had never seen a cock like this my hand only just fitted around it and as i stroked it. it seemed to be alive. It was then that i realised his finger was inside my panties and was heading for my slit but I couldnt stop myself playing with his cock his finger found it’s way inside me and I sighed as a warm glow filled my pussy I stroked his cock as he removed my panties and pushed two fingers deep inside my virgin pussy.
God I had been fingerd befor but this was the real deal I came in seconds and he gently kissed me as he started to take my clothes off he pulled my hand away from his cock and striped me naked and I just let him. Then what was happening dawned on me I was naked in my boyriend’s bathroom with his father. He looked at me and said nowit’s my turn he kissed my breast’s being a large girl mybreast’s are large and flopy and no one had ever seen me completeley naked but here I was naked with a 45 year old man.
He started to kiss his way down my front right down to my pussy where he gentley started to lick wow in seconds I didnt care what was hapening that feeling was back and I liked it again I climaxed and just stood still, he stood up and kissed me and I remember thinking thats my pussy juice on his lips then he put his hands on my shoulders and gentley pushed me down on to my knee’s as I looked up at him he pushed his cock towards my face and said suck it it like a lolly pop ,I froze and he said I dont think your parents would like to know that their daughter is a bad girl and likes to be fingerd by boys do you?
I shook my head and did as he asked I started to lick the end of his cock and tried to put into my mouth but I had never done anything like this befor he started to give my directions and I soon got the hang of it slowly licking and sucking the tip of his cock as I sucked he started to rub his cock faster and faster till he came I pulled away but he said no you dont you swallow my come otherwise you know what will happen? I felt sick as he pushed his cock back into my mouth so I had no choice but to swallow some of his come and the rest ran out of my mouth down onto my breast’s.
He then pulled me up and kissed me telling me I was a good girl he pulled me to him and I felt his cock between us and he said that was all for today. I sighed thinking he had finshed with me but he took me sighing as I wanted more and said I could make him come again he started to play with my pussy again then he turned me around and told me to bend over the bath he then postioned himself behind me and started to slide his cock along the entrance of my pussy back and forth faster and faster I could feel myself getting more and more excited untill I orgasmed again just as I did he came again spraying his hot come all over me.
He then kissed me and said that will be all for today as I dressed he spoke to me about his son Steve I was allowed to carry on seeing him and I was to practice sucking his cock but I was not to have full sex with him that pleasure was to be his . And true to his word he took my cherry two weeks latter I broke up with Steve a couple of months latter but I still go and see his dad for that extra special cock of his.

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