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Where it happened: Nursing School
Langauge: English
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I was in my first year of nursing school when I finally made it with a girl. The closest I came to getting some from a girl was in my senior year of high school when I was in the basement with a girl I used to work with and she rubbed my cock through my jeans, which was great but unsatisfying. So here I am, an 18 year old virgin in a dormatory of young, nubile women.
Her name was Sherry and we became good friends in school. We studied and partied a lot. One night Sherry, Mary and I were studying in Mary’s dorm room. Sherry, who 9 years old, 5’4 135lbs, short brown hair, brown eyes, 38D-cupped, horny and engaged to a former Green Beret. They were waiting for her to get out of Nursing school before they got married. She and I had started some light kissing in recent weeks. While studying, I maneuvered my foot inbetween her legs and began to rub her crotch with my foot while Mary was still in the room unaware. Sherry smiled her ‘I’ll get you for that smile’ and placed her foot on my hard cock and began to rub my cock through my jeans. This went on for several minutes and Mary didn’t know a thing. Mary excused herself to the library leaving Sherry and I alone. She moved up to get close to me and we began to kiss. So, while she’s kissing me, she starts rubbing my cock through my ever tightening jeans, unbuckles my pants and pulls out my 7 inch virgin cock. I was so hard. She gets a firm hold of my cock, lowers her head to my cock and starts to give me a blow job that I still remember to this day. She is using all her moves on my cock, swirling her tongue, sucking, using her hand on me. No one has ever done this to me before and I can’t believe its happening and I’m able to hold out. Realizing that we are pressed for time because Mary could walk in any minute, she comes up for air and with a wry smile says, “Are you trying to impress me? My jaw is getting tired”. I tell her that I’m almost there and she goes down on me again and is making all sorts of noises with her mouth and tongue on my hard cock. I now start to concentrate on cumming for her. I didn’t know if she would want me to cum in her mouth so I was holding back but she sounded like she wanted me to. Within s I warn her that I am about to cum and then start cumming like I’ve never cummed before and she swallows and savors every drop in her little mouth still working her tongue on my shaft, milking every drop. I started to shake almost uncontrollably because it was the greatest thing I had ever been through. She asked if I was alright and I told her I was fine. We soon hurried to get dressed because we hear Mary coming back. Mary comes back and asked what we had been up to. I guess we looked like we did something naughty.
Weeks went by and Sherry and I got together on a few more occasions where she would suck my cock, in the privacy of my dorm room. It would start off with kissing and some wandering hands and then she’d give me a smile, start to loosen my pants and disappear into my lap. We’d go to my dorm room where it was much more private and she’d whip my cock out and start sucking. She liked to hold my balls in her talented hands and massage them so that she could feel me when I would start to cum and then I’d pump a load into her magic mouth. I kept asking if I could eat her pussy and return the favor, something I always wanted to do and love to do now but she couldn’t understand why I wanted to do that.
Then the night came when we were studying for a while with the group and she was going to stay in Mary’s room because of late studying and an early class. Sherry still lived at home. I kept saying that I wanted to do stuff to her but she was reluctant. I think that her engagement was holding her back from letting me do anything to her. Even then oral sex wasn’t sex. So I started fondling her huge tits after we’d been drinking and she was getting hot. She left my room and told me that “Your in trouble now, Pal” and disappeared into the male bathroom (to put her diaphram in) and came back to my room. We took off our pants and hopped into bed where I started to massage her huge tits and big nipples. She wanted me in her wet groomed hungry cunt badly and grabbed my cock, put on a condom quite erotically and took control fucking me. We started on the bed but it was too squeaky. So we hit the floor with her on top and she started to ride my hard cock to her cunts content. We switched to the doggy style, making sure that I didn’t hit the wrong hole and told my to fuck her hot cunt. She kept moaning and writhing on my hard cock. She started to rub her clit with her hand as iI pounded her wet cunt. She told me that she was cumming and I began to feel her juicy cunt spasm around my cock. I was going nuts. After she came she positioned me on top and told me to ‘bang away,pal’ so that I could cum. I really wanted to cum in her pussy but I couldn’t feel anything with condom on and she soon realized my problem. She leaned up, turned around and pulled off my wet condom and sucked and pumped my hard cock into her mouth. She told me to lie back and relax as her wet mouth worked its magic on my cock. It didn’t take long for me to pump out my load and swallowed every drop. She loves cum. We laid around for a while but she had to get back to Mary’s room before she got suspicious. She still didn’t let me eat her cunt.
Our relationship cooled after that, she ended her engagement and was know to later to become quite the social cervix. I’ll never forget Sherry!

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