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She was my friends Aunt

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: My Friends Place
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

We were living in an apartment building. My best friend was living in just two floor above mine. I would visit his place all the time. He had a aunt living with them who was just two years older then me. She was married but her husband had to go abroad just after the marriage. Every now and then I would catch her checking me out. One day when I went to visit my friends place, there was no one but her. She was wearing this see through dress. Since no one was there she started talking to me. I could see her niples all erect, while talking. I was very brave 17 years. At one stage I got up, went upto her and kissed her. She held me really tight and kissed me back. As I had my hard on, I took her blouse off and took her lovely breast in my mount. When I was sucking them, she took my hand and put it between her legs. Without any delay, I took her bottom off. She then took my pants off. I picked her up, holding her by the wall, I start fucking her. Most amaging thing was, it was my first time, but I fucked her like a pro. All those porn watching came into to help. She came twice, during this. After that I unloaded all my cum into her. I asked her to run to bathroom, to wash it off, as we were both warried about her getting pregenet. We were very sad for about 10 minutes, as we wouldn’t even look at each other. I though that would be it. I couldn’t sleep whole night, thinking about what has just happened. But two days didn’t pass, we made love again. This time we fucked each other, for four times in two hours. All my chest was full of her love bites. I was involved in profesional cricket. End of the game we usually take shower in the club house, but I couldn’t take my cloths off for the marks. Her husband came in a month. Then they had a baby within a year. She called to tell me, she is not sure whose baby is it. But before I could find out I went abroad to study. I am still living abroad. We never talked or met. I just wish that it is not my baby.

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