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she made me do it

Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: her room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

When I was 12 I lived next door to a 14-year-old girl named “Kim”. Kim was not that attractive, and we grew up together playing sports and such. She was always somewhat of a tomboy, but when she got in her teens her personality started changing. She was VERY interested in boys, and that summer she asked me to be her “boyfriend.” At 12 years old, however, that usually just meant holding hands and that’s all (or so I thought).

That summer we had the house all to ourselves because her parents worked and trusted her to stay home alone, and I would frequently come over and play Nintendo and stuff. Kim was quite a bit bigger than me (she had developed early and I was small for my age), and one afternoon we got into a play argument and she put me in a headlock on her bed. We rolled around for a little while, and it started hurting so I told her to let me go. . .that I was gonna go home. But she refused and kept me in a headlock until I started crying. She told me she would only let me go under one condition: I had to take off my shorts and show her my dick. I was extremely shy and didn’t want to, but just to get away from her I agreed.

So I pulled down my pants, and my soft little penis flopped out. I was extremely embarrassed, but Kim’s eyes got real big and she told me she’s only seen a dick one time: her father once when he got out of the shower. So she walked over and touched it and started flicking it and stuff. Then she grabbed my shorts off my ankles and refused to give them back. At this point I was humiliated and got so frustrated I almost started crying. . . she then grabbed me by the neck again on the bed and held me while she played with my dick. It started feeling really good and it got hard – I was really embarrassed about this but she didn’t stop. Then she did something that freaked me out: she bent over and took my penis into her mouth and started pulling on it. . .all the while rubbing her crotch through her shorts. I could tell she was really getting off on it.

After a few minutes of that she rolled over and took off her t-shirt and showed me her boobs – they weren’t really big, but her nipples were much larger than mine and poked out about 1 inch. Then she took off her shorts and showed me her pussy – I could see that the hair around her slit was wet, and she told me to touch it. Then she laid on top of me. . .neither one of us knew how to do it, so she kept rubbing my penis against her crotch, and she got off on that. At that point I thought we had already had sex, but then she moved one of her legs up, and my penis jumped up and inserted its tip into her pussy. This shocked both of us, and Kim started humping me up and down until it went in all the way. I remember it felt really wet, but after awhile I was bored and ready to go home. But Kim really enjoyed herself, and after every orgasm she had she would roll off me. . .only to get back on top of me a few minutes later because she couldn’t get enough. She probably fucked me 5 times that afternoon, and about 100 times over the next few years.

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