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She got Pregnant at 12

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Chezitni Serbia
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Melina was 7 I was 8 we played as our parents worked on the farm. We found a apple tree and a I was afraid to climb it . Melina was strong and took off her dress and I helped push her up to the first branch. She could reach some and tossed me some . We ate 10 apples each . Then on the way down the tree some bark caught her underpants she was stuck . I tried to help but could not reach . Her pants were up her crack and all her fighting she couldn’t free her self. I found a stone and stood on it so she could stand on my head. It was a long time her foot was on my head. Get more stones she said. So I did and she hung on still stuck. I was higher so I grabbed her underware and pulled and pulled . It was so strong nylon is strong. Her arms were so tired. So I pushed her up on her rump with all might and her pants came free all of a sudden and we fell on the stones. I was hurt by the stones and Melina falling on me. We lay there rolling in the dirt hurting . Melina was taking off her under shirt and she crawled to me and held it on my head I was cut and didn’t see the blood running down my arm. Melina’s back was very purple and bruised . She pulled down her underpants and you could see how the nylon had cut from her anus up to the the top of her cheeks. The skin was wide open. The front was cut some up by her ciltoris but not as bad. We walked to my house and Mom put us both in the tub and washed our wounds. Mr. Vogel the area medicine doctor stitched my head and Melina’s rear end. That was the first time I saw girl parts. Melina and I were friends and never hid from each other our private parts . One grape harvest season we followed two kids in to the big barn that had the barrels. We found two cups but the tap was locked so we decided to get wine from the top of the big barrels. We went up the scaffold and we saw the young kids kissing and the boy lifted the girls dress and was touching the girl and she loved it. He then dropped his pants and they made love as we watched . Melina held my mouth to keep me quiet. I never saw a boy with a hard on and neither has Menina. We never figured how to get to the wine so we left.
We looked for 4 leaf clovers and Melina tucked her dress in her underware and I was behind her looking at her ass. Stop she said . I found two and she never found any . I’m Irish today and lucky. So I rested in the clover. I fell asleep and woke up to my shorts unfastened and Melina feeling my balls. She kept checking me out and I had a temendious erection. Then she kept touching me . That’s what happened she said as she figured out sex. Melina got her period half way through turning 11 and she quickly filled out. I’m not sure what happened to get her all fired up and sexy but that was all she thought about and every day she was kissing my mouth and holding me close. I was in a who cares about girls phase and kissed her back only when she asked me. I was bringing fire wood from the cart to her house and it was summer and my shirt was off. I had a fair build for a kid and getting strong from chopping wood all day. She called from the house come quick. I ran in and she was behind the door and locked the door behind her. She took off her dress and walked to me. I said I wasn’t interested. She wanted to show me some new clothes. She gave me a big glass of wine and was asking my opinion on ribbons and dresses and hair dews. Then she gave me her glass which she had been sipping on. I hadn’t eaten and it was hot out and the wine was cold but strong. I was 110 American pounds at most . I was so drunk and that’s what she wanted. She had my jeans off and was trying to make me stiff. I was too drunk and passed out. I woke up to a pain in my head and crawled to the out house. Melina came out and took me to her bed. We started kissing and I was thinking she won’t leave me alone till she has sex. So I flipped her over and started poking her blindly with my cock. Stop you stupid it’s my first time. It didn’t register . So I started poking with my finger . No turn on the light you idiot. She lit a candle and then a electric light. She slapped me look it’s down here your too high. Put your face down here and see the soft stuff below this little piss hole here. She grit her teeth and pushed with her finger ouch there and pulled her finger back. I pointed here and pushed my finger and Melina grabbed my hand. Then let go . So I pushed and I was going in it was tight and wet and I felt around turning my finger up and down and going finger deep. I pulled out and Melina put her finger in checking herself out. She started rubbing and she got herself all wet and sloppy. Bring your cock up here. So I wanked my cock to make it hard and stuck it In the wet spot and broke her cherry in a quick second. As I continued she held me back. No more I don’t like it. I like it now I wanna now. Melina said No No it’s not fun it’s bad. I crawled foward she scooted then her head was in the corner of the bed against two walls. Her hands were on my hips pushing back stop . I was working the point of my cock 3 or 4 cm in . Melina was heels down waving her hips left and right in an attempt to pop the head of my cock out. It was wet warm and nice and felt good but tight and instintively I was pushing to go more in her. I want more Melina come on. Not fun , not good, I don’t like it. She said. I popped out she held my hips back and I kept scooting closer it feels so good you started it . I jumped on her and started kissing her lips all excited and she put her tongue in my mouth. That was so nice she held my face and was all kissing and my hips kept thinking hump and make love. My cock was looking for her slit while my arms went under her arms and to the back of her head as we French kissed. I was thinking if I got lucky she couldn’t get her arms down to hold back . The point of my cock found the opening and Melina’ eyes opened wide . As I thought she was unable to push back and let out a moan. I was finally entering a cm at a time . She wraped her legs around me locked her ankles and really squeezed my breath out. I give , I give I said with my last breath. My cock was all of a sudden extra hard and extra big. Melina snapped her legs open and I was in a good 10 cm now still pushing. She trembled and shook as her pussy kept taking my cock in . I measured my self at 14 cm and she had all but the last three I guess. I instintively humped in and out . It was so tight cause we were young . Her vagina finally elongated after 5 minutes and I was humping the entire lenght of my cock. As I held her arms up. And then she started to relax and grab my head and start kissing. It was over in 10 minutes . I slowly pulled out and there was only a little blood. She lay there panting and I washed my cock and came back and washed her slit . She felt her self and asked me to go back in . It took a few minutes before I was hard enough but we did it real slow cause she was sore and I was too tired after 20 more minutes of full out fucking. I rolled over and she climbed on but it was hard to get the angle for her. She eventually got on me and rode a while . She gave up right before I could cum. So I climbed on and she took my second present. In a couple weeks we made love a few more times. Before she was 13 she delivered a baby girl . We moved to America when she turned 18 and love Atlanta and live there.

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