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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: His Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

It all happened when I met Shawn in the 10th grade. We
began hanging out and eventually started to date. It was
about 3 months into our relationship when we decided to
stay home and watch a movie with Shawn’s sister and her
boyfriend. He was getting restless, so he asked if I
wanted to stay and watch the movie or go upstairs and
do some heavy duty making out. I told him to stay with
me and watch the movie, but 5 minutes after that I pulled
him upstairs.
We went to his room and turned on the tv so
we had some light. Then we began to mess around. He started
to kiss me everywhere. Then he ran his fingers down my body.
He couldn’t control himself after awhile, so I suggested
that we do something about it. So he asked if I was sure if
I wanted to have se with him. I kept asuring him.
He went to put on a condom. For some reason I wasn’t
nervous about this experience. Shawn was literally shaking.
He started to thrust it in a little too fast and i had to
stop him and tell him to go a little slower. He started
again. It still hurt a little but it eventually went away.
This was both of our first time. It took about 15 minutes
and once it was done he laid there and held me. We both
really felt good about the whole thing.
Unfortunately we broke up after about 1 year and something. I still will
remember that night forever. He is the one guy I’ve always
truely loved. Hopefully I will find someone that I can feel
that comfortable with.

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