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Age when it happend: 15 2 weeks ago
Where it happened: House sitting
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My name is Shannon and I’m 15. It feels pretty funny to be talking about how I had sex, but I read alot of the stories at this site and it made me decide to do it. I think alot of the stories a fake but mine is real and it happened just last week.

I was a Rodeo Princess at a local county fair and one night while I was greeting people, I saw my older sister’s ex-boyfriend. His name is Dan and he and my sister went out for about 3 years before she left for college and they split up. I live in California near Sacramento and Dan had moved to the bay area. When we saw each other, we hugged and started talking. I always like Dan and he treated me nice when he was with my sister. Dan is 22 now and I asked him what he was doing around her and he said that he was house sitting for some rich people for the summer while they were on vacation. It was the end of my sift and we walked around and went on some rides together and then Dan won me a huge stuffed animal in one of the games. We talked and had fun and then Dan drove me home. We sat in his car for a minute and we hugged before he drove off. He said that he was going back to the fair tomorrow and I said that I would see him there. We met the next morning and hung out for a while and then he asked if I wnated to see the house he was staying at. I said OK and he drove me up there. The house was on over a hundred acres of land and it was like a beautiful ranch. The house was huge and it had a big pool and a big jaccuzzi. Dan showed me around and then we sat by the pool and drank lemonade. We talked and talked. Dan was so funny and he made me laugh all the time. It had been so hot out and it was over a hundred degrees. Dan said that we could go swimming if I wanted to but I said that I didn’t bring a bathing suit. I knew that Dan didn’t mean anything by it, but he said that I didn’t mind that it was OK if we went skinny dipping. I felt myself turn red and I got all embarassed. I told Dan that I have never gone skinny dipping and that I was kind of shy. Dan smiled and said that I could swim in my clothes or in my underwear. I thought about it and I guess there wasn’t much difference between my bikini and my bra and panties. In fact my bikini was probably more skimpy! I asked Dan what he was going to swim in and he said that he would swim in his underwear if it made me more comfortable. It was kind of weird taking my clothes off in front of a guy, but I didn’t want to act like a little kid or a prude or something. I took my shoes and socks off and Dan was already in his jockey shorts. I watched him dive in and then I took my shirt and cutoffs off and dove in. The cool water felt great in the heat and we swam around for a while. Dan got out and dove off the divingboard. I wached him get out and stared at his body. He was so cute and had a great body. He didn’t look 22, he looked more like he was 18 or something. I guess that maybe I had a little crush on him when I was younger. We kept swimming and then I got out and was going to dive off too. When I got out and started to walk to the divingbord, all of a sudden I noticed that my bra and panties were kind of see-thru when they got wet and that you could see my nipples thru my bra and the outling of my pubic hair thru my panties. I got so embarassed and dove in as soon as I could. I knew I was bright red and totally embarassed. Dan knew what had happened and was smiling at me and he said not to worry about it. I didn’t want to act like a kid but I was embarassed. We swam to the swim out in the deep end and Dan put his arm around me and said that I had nothing to be embarassed about and that I looked great. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and I guess he made me feel better. Dan brushed the hair away from my face and then he kised me on the lips. I wasn’t expecting it. He kissed me twice and then I kissed him back. We kissed several times and then when I looked down, not only were my nipples showing thru my bra, but they had become hard and were sticking out. I got all embarassed again and Dam said that it was only natural. Dan kissed me so gently and he whispered that I had nice boobs. I knew that they weren’t big but I guess they were OK. I felt so strange and then we started kissing again. The kisses got longer and longer and then we started french kissing. It was alittle later that I felt Dan’s hand slide up and he put his hand up and touched my breast. God, I was so nervous, but it felt so good. He was being so gentle. It made me shiver as he touched both of my breasts over my bra. We kept kissing and then Dan whispered in my ear and asked if I would go skinny dipping with him. I felt myself turn red again, but I said OK. I told him that I had never been skinny dipping before and he said that it would be fun. We kissed for a few more minutes and then I felt him reach up and he unhooked my bra. I closed my eyes for a second and then I felt it slip off. I knew that Dan was looking at my bare breasts and it felt so weird. I kind of expected Dan to start grabbing at my boobs, but he didn’t. He took my hand and pulled me out into the middle of the pool. I watched him reach down and take off his underwear and then he smiled and said that it was my turn. Oh my God, I was so nervous. I held my breath and then I reached down and took my panties off. Both my bra and my panties were on the bottom of the pool along with Dan’s shorts and we were both naked.I was so nervous that I didn’t know what to do. Dan started swimming and then I followed him. I was scared at first, but then it got to be pretty fun. We swam into the shallow end and then Dan kissed me again. After awhile, his hand ent up and he felt my bare breasts. It felt so good and especially when he touched my nipples. They were so hard and erect. It felt so sexy to be naked and letting Dan kiss me. We were in deep enough water tht my breasts were still underwater and I could feel them moving around. After a little while, Dan;s hand slipped down my back and I felt his hand go down onto my bare butt. Whie we were kissing, I felt his other hand start to slide down my front and I got nervous again. I stopped Dan and I told him that I was still a virgin. I think Dan was preety surprised that I was still a vigin. I think he probably thought that I had already started to have sex. Dan looked at me and he said that he was sorry and that he would stop if I wanted him too. I was quiet for a minute and then I said No. I asked him if he was going to fuck me. Dan was so sweet and he asked if that was what I wanted and I whispered Yes. We started kissing again and then he put one of his hands up onto my breast and touched me so softly. It felt so good and then his other hand slowly slid down to my butt again and he held me there. I felt him slide his hand up and down my butt and along my butt crack. We were french kissing for a long time and then I felt his hand down down and he slid it over my pubic hair and down to my crotch. It startled me for a second, but it was so sexy to have his hand down there. I felt him kind of play with my pubic hair for a minute and then he slid up along the inside of my thigh until he got to my vagina. I was pretty nervous and I started to tremble alot. I felt Dan slip his finger over my opening and I thought he was going to try and put his finger up me, but instead he just slid his finger back and forth over my slit. My legs and knees started to feel so weak. Dan puled me closer and I felt our bodies press together. For the first time, I felt his penis press against my stomach and I could feel that he was hard. Dan and I jsut stood in the pool for a long time and he felt me up. He took my hand and we got out of the water. Before, I was still under the water, but now I was out and Dan could see everything. He could see me totally nude and I could see him. I kept thinging if he like the way I looked. I’m 5’1″ and I weigh 98 pounds. I have long blond hair and I guess Dan could tell now that I was a natural blond. My bust size is 32B. I wondered where Dan was taking me and then we went onto the lawn in some shade. We kissed for a minute and then we laid on the grass. We kissed some more and Dan caressed my breasts and then he kissed them. It felt so hot when he took my nipple in his mouth and sucked on it. He started to tease me by flicking his tongue all around my nipples. It got me so hot and horney. My whole body felt like it was on fire. While we were kissing, Dan slid his hand down and he played with my pubic hair. He went farther until he touched my vagina again and it made me shiver all over. Dan kissed his way down my body until he kissed right above my pubic hair and then he moved down to my legs and kissed up them until he was kissing my thighs. I felt him open my legs alittle bit and the next thing I knew was that he was kissing me right next to my vagina. When I felt him touch the tip of his tongue against my vagina, I couldn’t help arching my hips up and I think I moaned pretty loud. Dan licked and kissed me down there for a long time and now I knew why girls liked it when guys did that to them. Dan and kissed for a while more and then he kissed his way up to my mouth again. I saw him look at me and he asked if I was sure tht I wanted to do it. I nodded my head Yes and then I told him that I wasn’t on any type of protection or anything. Dan promised to be careful like he was with my sister. I felt his penis press against my vagina. I felt it start to go in and then I screamed. I knew it was going to hurt, but it hurt alot! I knew that Dan had just popped my cherry and I was no longer a virgin. It hurt so much when he slid his penis deeper into me. He went really slow and gentle and the pain slowly went away and it felt so good. Now I knew what it really felt like to have a guy’s penis inside my vagina. I put my arms around Dan and felt him thrust himself back and forth and pretty soon, I was moving my hips back and forth with him. I was alittle nervous about getting pregnant, but I trusted Dan to be careful. I don’t know how long we did it for but, I didn’t want to stop. Dan suddenly pulled out and I could feel him squiting his cum all over me. We were both breathing so hard and sweating all over. I think being that sweaty would be gross except that it was from us screwing and that made it sexy. When Dan got up I saw he had blood on his penis. When I looked down at myself, I had blood and semen all over my thighs. I was pretty gross and I was embarassed for Dan to see me like that. I guess it was only natural for a virgin to bleed like that and maybe Dan wanted to see it. We laid on the lawn for a long time and then I asked Dan if he had a girlfriend. He looked at me and said Yes. I was alittle disapointed and I guess I figured that I was just an easy fuck for him. I pretended like it didn’t matter and then Dan smiled and said that her name was Shannon and he asked if I would be his girlfriend. I smiled and said YES! Later, we got up and went swimming again and got cleaned off and cooled off. Of course, we didn’t wear anything and spent the rest of the day totally naked. Dan and I made love 2 more time that day and it was so great. I was sad when it got late and I had to get home. The only thing was that my bra and panties were still on the bottom of the pool and I had to get dressed without any underwear. I just hoped that my parents wouldn’t ba able to tell! On the way home, Dan and I sat next to each other and before we got to my house, we were in s secluded area and I let Dan slip his hand under my top and feel my breast and then I let him unbuttton my cutoffs and slip his hand doen my shorts. I was alittle sore down there, but I didn’t care.

The next day, Dan picked me up down the street and we went back to his house. Without even thinking about it, we stripped off all our clothes and went skinny dipping together. Dan lifted me out of the pool onto the side and he opened my legs apart and taught me all about my clit. I never felt anything like it before and he licked me down there for hours. He surpised me and brought out condoms and we used 4 of them that day! 3 out by the pool and 1 on his bed. By the way, when he took me into his bedroom, my bra and panties were washed and folded on the dresser. It was pretty romantic to make love on his bed.

I have been to his house everyday during the last 2 weeks and I have lost count on how many time we have done it! We go swimming everyday and I have never worn my bathing suit yet and I love going skinny dipping. Wer have done it in the pool several times and when we do it on the lawn, it’s so cool to think that planes could fly over and see us going at it! I cum almsot everytime we have sex now and it feels so incredible!!!!!! Now I want to find a way to get on the pill so I can find out what it is like for Dan to cum inside me. I don’t want to get pregnant, but I do want Dan to put his sperm into me. Three times during the last 2 weeks, I have told my parents that I was spending the night at Gina’s house and have actually slept with Dan. I can’t beleive how sexy it is to get into bed with him and sleep naked all night with him and do it whenever we want. Yesturday, Dan and I went skinny dipping and I let him take some pictures of me in the nude. They weren’t nasty ones with my legs spread or anything like that. They were like you see in Playboy and stuff. I thought it was so cool to pose for him. Tomorrow, we are going to video us doing it by the pool! One of my favorite things now is to runn around the property totally nude because no one can see us.

This summer is going to be SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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