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Sexy Teacher

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: French Teachers House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I made plans to hang out with my friends at the movies after football practice that friday night. I told my parents my friend was bringing me there. So, after football i showered in the lockerrooms and got dressed and met my friends in the parking lot, they decided they wanted to go home and relax and asked if i needed a ride home, i said i was just going to walk down the road a bit to get something to eat and have my parents pick me up there. I was halfway to the McDonalds when a car pulled over in front of me and i saw it was my french teacher. She asked if i needed a ride and i said sure, she got out helped me put my stuff in the trunk and told me to sit in the back because her stuff was in the passenger seat. So i got in and she opened her door door and sqeezed into the drivers seat. While she was getting in her short dress showed came up and showed her whole ass and thong. I figured since i had a ride she could drop me off a little bit farther at a pizza place i liked. She said sure and started talking she told me she lived the street over from that pizza place. I remembered seeing her ass and figured that we got along in class and told her i just saw her ass. I didn’t get an answer at first but then she asked if i liked it. I told her it was amazing. She then said we shudnt say that stuff cause we’d get in trouble so i stopped. Then she asked if i’d come over and help her fix her sink and shed order us pizza. I said yes called my parents and told em i was going to get pizza with my friends and would get dropped off later. when we got to her house her sink was actually broken and i was taking plumbing in school so i could fix it while she ordered pizza. After we ate i said thanks and we talked about football i told her practice was hard today and i was really sore. She told me shed give me a massage so i said ok and sat on her couch and she gave me a massage it was really good. Then she said i cant help my self im too horny and took off ther thong leaving her dress and high heels on and told me i could go up to her room. I followed her to the room and i undressed. I layed down and she sat on my hard cock with her dress on bouncing up and down. After she dropped me off at my house.

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