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Sexual Sandwich

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: livingroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Well I was invited to a sleep over to this girls house wich i had been good friends with for about 4 weeks, she said that she had other people coming over and she wanted them to meet me and to get there at about 6:00 pm

When I got there she said her parents were going out and that we and the other people would have the house to ourselves until the next morning, So i thought this would be good and went in.

We went down stairs into the basement wich was her bed room wich had a three person couch and a tele and stuff, so we started watching tele and mucking around playing pool and snooker, then her parents come down and say they are leaving and will be back in the morning at about 9:00 am.
So they left and we decided to get something to eat because it was now 7:30pm, when we went upstairs she was behind me and pushing me up the stairs, with her hands on my bottom,
by the time we got up the stairs I had a bit of a hard on wich she must of seen because she was stairing at it.

Then we got some pizza out of the oven and went back downstairs to eat it, we sat on the couch and she went and got her duna because it was could and we put it over us, anyway she dropped some pinapple in between my legs and when she went to get it she pushed down really hard and stroked it when she was picking up the pinapple, anyway one thing lid to another and i found myself taking off her top and undoing her bra, she hard rock hard nipples that i proceded suck lick and suck wich she said really turned her on, she had jean shorts on wich i undid the zip of and felt her up through her lacy underpants, she was already really wet. She than pulled my top off and took of my pants and underware, she then started to stroke my rock hard penis and i pulled out a condom wich she said we would need,
We continued with this foreplay for about half an hour then i slid her panties down and started to eat her out, She tasted soo good, she said she was about to come and to stop, wich i did not do, a few seconds later she came all over my face and i licked it off, She said that she wanted me in her and i wanted to be in her as well, she opened the condom wrapping and slid the condom on with her mouth wich felt amazing and then have me a quick blow job which sent my head spinning she then laid down on the sofa and spread her legs and said put it in carefully, i am a virgin, i said i was to, I slow put my dick in and tried to muffle her screams with my hand which she bit, ouch!!, anyway it heart for me to a biot but after about a minute we were pumping in and out fast it felt so good to be in her warm pussy, about seven minutes later i felt like i was going to cum and she said she was to so we went faster and both came at the same time , it was AMAZING, we cleand up and finished our pizza and both fell asleep, we woke to her parents car in the drive at 8:30am

there u go darlin we did it I wrote about it Thanks and see u at my place tonight!!!!

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