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sexed hard

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: school shower
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was on the cheer leading team for the first time in my 4 yours of high school. maybe it’s becaue i really matured over the summer. I came from being really flat to hug. i let my short blond hair grow over the summer to, so when i came back to school no one could reconize me. my only problem know was that i was kind of short. standing at 5’3 i bearly made the the team.

It was after practice and i had stayed a little later because i had to put everyting away. i was having a really bad day and after practice i deside to take a shower because no one else was there. i never took a shower at school because i didn’t like the idea of showering infront or other girls. so after putting the stuff away i took of my cloths and took some shampoo and soap (which my school provides). i got in the shower and started to soap down my body and that’s when i heard some people come in the change room. i stayed really quite so that they wouldn’t hear me. i could tell by the voices it was two girls their names were Amanda and Sky. i hated them because they always thought they were so hot and could get any guy they wanted. well a few minutes later i the came in the shower area naked and ready for a shower. i asked them why they were at school so late and they said that they had basket ball practice. i stayed quite and looked at them, i never noticed how huge Amanda’s breast were and i felt unconfurable. i turned around to shampoo my hair and then i heard Sky call me. i turned around and she was right in front of me. Sky was tall and strong, she was about 5’9 and had long black hair. she took was big breasted but she wasn’t as big as Amanda. I said what and she said that i shouldn’t use the school shampoo, that it really damages your hair. she took her shampoo and started to rub it in my head. i turned around so that she could rub it in and then i felt a hand on my waist. i turned to she what she was doing and i realized it was Amanada. she was standing there smiling at me. then she pushed me against the wall. she grabed both my hands and started to kiss me. i was like what the hell are you doing and tried to push her off but Sky came and helped hold me to the wall. they started kissing me all over. i felt Sky’s lips kiss and suck my neck, it felt good, but i found it discusting for a girl to be touching and kissing me like this. i felt her lips go down to my breast and she started to suck and play with my nipples. i moaned in pleasure but i didn’t want to. i felt Amanada let go of my arms and i thought i’ll make a run for it. but suddenly i felt her fingers go bettween my legs. i screamed oh my god but that didn’t stop her. she stuck her fingers inside me. i was wet as hell. i coudn’t believe that this was happening to me. i was kinda being raped by two girls. i tried to back off but it felt so good all i could do was moan. Amanada and Sky pushed me back and back till i hit the bench. i fell on my back and then they both got on top of me and started kissing me and playing with my clit. i was really wet by know started to get really into it. Amanda started to kiss me all the way up my legs. that’s when i got scared, i said no don’t but your tonge in me. but she didn’t listen and i felt it go up and down my slit. it felt great and i started to moan androck like crazy. Sky got off me and started to play with my pussy to. i closed my eyes because the pleasure was overwheming. i arched my back and moaned lound coming to a orgazim.

I just lay there, i couldn’t believe what just happened, i just lay there. Then Sky got on top of me and and asked me to eat her out . i started to say no but she just got on top mt face. i started to lick her in the same way she did me. then i heard the door open once more and saw Chris, Sky’s man walk in. he looked and ask what the hell happened and why she was taking so long. appearenly he was waiing for her since school ended. the stopped talking and looked straight at me. he said in a joking way Shayon is that you. Shy was still on me, i felt so imbarrestes. i didn’t answer him but Sky and Amanada just ignored him. so i did the same and we keeps going at it. after like 10 minute Sky came on my face and got up. I looked up and say Chris with him pants down and his short off. he was o dam sexy i started to get wet just looking at him. he got on top of me and started to kiss me, i loved it. i felt his huge dick grow against my pussy. he was in bettween my legs. it felt so nice. he then took his huge dick and started to stick it in me. i screamed in pain but he keep pushing it in. tears started to come out my eyes, i wanted him out but i was in to much pain to say a word. he stuck it fully in and just lay on top of me. he just keep kissing me. the pain when away and he just keep kissing me. know his big dick in side of me started to feel good. i started to pump him but he just lay there. smiling. he said that i was so sexy and then he started to go in and out of me. it felt so nice i couldn’t believe it. all i could do was moan and moan. it felt like it was forever. i came and grabed his ass and pushe him inside of me more. he took his dick out and came on my belly.

From that point on I loved sex with guys and girls. i can’t believe i stayed a virgin for so long. i never knew what i was missing.

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