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sex with kid’s mom!

Age when it happend: 23
Where it happened: student's home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

When I was in University, I had to give tuition in order to
support my study.My student(John),age 7 was in Pri 1 and
the lessons(twice a week) were conducted at his home.
Since the lessons were usually in the afternoon and being
the only child, only his mom(Susie)was around as his dad
usually left home early morning and only back home at around
10 p.m.
Susie was in her early thirties and average looking. However,
she is very caual with her clothing and the way she seat.
most times, I could tell the color of her panties and how
sexy her panties were. In most times, I would imagine having
sex with her in my wet dream. However, I was too shy and
decent to approach her for sex.
On a particular day, I was surprised to find out John was
not back from his school when I reached his home.
However, Susie claimed that he will be back soon and asked
me to join her in watching the TV show. As usual, she was
wearling her night dress and I could see she was having
a bright red sexy panty on her! Instead of watching the TV
show, I was watching her! In seconds, my cock was firmed
and she also realised that I was focusing on her instead
of the show. So she asked me why ? I truly replied her that
I was attracted to her sexy clothing. She laughed and
asked me was I a virgin and I truly replied her ‘Yes’.
However, she didn’t believe and wanted to confirm it by
checking the color of my penis head. She claimed that if I
was a virgin,the tip of the cock should not be dark
color and she will make love with me if I am a virgin.
Before I could reply , she had moved to me and unzip my
pant and lower my underwear. My cock was firmly exposed to
her. She examined it closely and was satisfied with what
she saw.So she immediately put my cock into her mouth and
fuck it by mouth! Within seconds, the sperms came and
she swallowed all up. She then asked me to remove her
cloths and licked her private part. She had her peak twice.
By then my cock was firmed again and this times, she guided
my cock into her hole and once in, I immediately fuck her.
Somehow this time I was able to hold on till 15 minutes!
By at time, almost two hours has past and thank God John
wasn’t back yet. However, I was too tired to give lesson
to John so I left before John was back.
Since then we had it many times and each time she taught me
diff. style!
This relationship lasted for a year before she decided to
end it.
What a dream came true!!!

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