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Sex with Auntie

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Mt room/ shower
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

One day my Aunt showed up for a surprise visit. Now for being in her early forties she’s hot. Nice big tits, and a perfect ass. Well one day I was watching porn on my laptop, and when i stand up my dick us sticking out, completely erect. Well Lauren just got divorced last year so she’s seriously cravin some sex. So I go up to my room and she follows me and locks the door behind her, then hides behind a chair. I was really horny then and in the middle of my room dropped my pants and started to masturbate, and I was facing the chair that my aunt was hiding behind. So I’m jerkin off feelin great, hell I even turn on some music. Then my Aunt losses her balance and falls. I spin around and am immediately embarrassed. She just tells me not to worry and that she’s just been so horny and she wants some sex. So I tell her o k but since it’s my house we do it my way. I have her sit down on the chair which is a recliner so she leans the chair back so she’s almost lying down. Then I start to suck her wonderful tits and they immediately become hard. it felt awesome. They were just the right size. Then i jump onto the chair and force my dick into her. She begins to moan with pleasure. So to not lat my parents hear i turn up the music really loud. Then After a while of that I tell her the I’m about to cum and she tells me to do it. so it shoot it into her, and it was the best feeling in the world. Then i tell her to get in my bed under the sheets. so she does and we have sex there. I’m just about to get off her and out of the bed when she grabs me and kisses my passionately on the lips. We continue to do this and start to fuck again. So we roll around in my bed for about an hour kissing and fucking each others brains out. Then i get off and go take a shower, well guess what my dear old aunt follows, and when i close my eyes to rinse out the shampoo she jumps in the shower and starts to suck my dick. I love it and when she stops we just sit on the floor of the shower. I cum on her tits. Then since we’re bored I start to fool around with her breasts and she starts to play with my dick. We did this every day until she left, and every time we visit we fuck each other. I love her

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