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Setting the record straight

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Tennessee
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

There were alot of stories in high school about my first time. I’m here today to set the rumors straight. I was 15 when I met Roulston. He was captain of the soccer team and was very nice and sexy to. We started dating and I instantly feel in love. My family loved him to. Our dates ended with kisses, but we soon moved to heavy petting. On a Friday night in my drive way, I felt my first hand full of dick. I clumsly gave my first hand job. When I was done he sucked and licked my nippels as he fingered my virgin pussy. The next afternoon – Saturday – I was at his house and his mother and sister were away. We started foolin around on his waterbed, and soon we were both totally naked. He asked for oral sex and nervousily I agreed. I took his thick penis in my hand and licked the back and top before taking it into my mouth. Soon he reached orgasm. As he started to cum I pulled away ( I was to scared on my first time to let him cum in my mouth) As I pulled away a wad of his thick cum hit me in the eye. ( yes the rumor about “one eyed brooke” is true!!!) On monday we were fooling around at my house when he went down on me for the frist time (GIRLS< ITS GRRRREAT!!!!! TRY IT!!!!) Well that felt so good, and I had my first oragasm. I was really horny as he slid on top of me. I spread my leags and let him fuck me. It felt great. It felt great as his hot cum filled my virgin body. Well Im running out of time so let me answer the rest of the rumors:

YES – We did screw in a limo on prom night
NO – The limo driver did not watch.
YES – I did have a bisexual encounter (at age 16 while dating Raulston) with Veronica.
NO – Raulston Never watched or joined in.
YES – On his b-day I did have a Threesome with him and his bestfriend Howard.
YES – We did Skinny-dip one night with Howard and his girlfriend Ann.
YES – We did swap partners, that night. He fucked Ann on the couch while Me and Howard watched. Then we 69’d while they watched. Then I screwed my boyfriend.

Say its all B.S. if you want but thats what happens in small borring country towns. Its all true.
Today I am bi-sexual. Currently, I am in a lesbian relationship, but my last boyfriend still gives me man meat when I have a craving.

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