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Age when it happend: 24
Where it happened: a hotel room in HongKong
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Well, it happened when I was 24 years old.
I was in Hongkong, assisting my boss on a meeting there.
Well that day, I was very tired, I have this muscles
strain all over my body. My boss told me to have a massage
that night, so I would get shaped up next morning. I agreed
with him.
That night, I called the receptionist, and wish to have a
massage service for the night. Well after several minutes,
lets just say 15 minutes. My door room was knocked, I
opened the door. And my Gosh, it was a female. She said she
is the one left there, while the others were busy also.
Well then I said Its okay
She brought a towel, a cup of bottle, and a bill receipt
for me to sign.
She told me to get undressed, well I do, letting only my
underwear. I sleep on the bed with my back on top. She
opened the bottle, and started to massage my back. Oh
Gosh this is my first time ever get touched like that by a
woman, and what do you know, my penis began to erect hard.
She keeps massaging me and then she opened my underwear
letting her see my butt. She massages it real hard, adn
she started to rub my balls and massages it also.
I get shocked and turned up. Now I get nasty aroused,
seeing her a chinese girl around 20 , cute one, with nice
breast, around 34 definitely. She saw my dick under my
underwear getting hard, and smiled. I get very shy, since
its my first time ever get close to a girl like this.
She asked me if I want to get massage on the other
side-well my top of course since my back were now covered
with that oily massage gel. And I can’t believe it, I said
Well she started to massaged my body, seeing me get very
shy as I looked her breast under the shirt she wore. She
massages my nipples, and I get aroused once again, my penis
got hard again and touching her body. She continuing
massaging my body down to my stomach and finally my
underwear, she then gently put her right hand inside my
underwear, she touched it, and I felt this sensation I
never feel before. But then I stopped her, holding her hand.
Well then she asked me why am I affraid. I said its my first
time, ever touched like that. She smiled and asked if I
would get more massages free. Gee, I don’know what I was
tinking that time, I said yes. Then she pointed me to go to
the bathroom. To wash all that wax (I think) covering all
over my body.
So I went to the bathroom, She prepared a hot tub, and she
put the rest of that bottles she carried on to the water.
She told me to get in the water, but before that she slip
down my underwear letting her see my penis. She smiled, and
said its quite big. Well it is, its about 9 inch long, if
its get real hard. And I get inside the tub. She wahsed
all of my body with the water inside the tub, playing with
my nipples, and finally she touched my penis and playing
with it. She entered the tub, weel the tub was big enough
for three person I guess. After playing for about 5 minutes,
I felt something was about to coming otu, I moaned, she
stopped and said not yet. then she want me to harrash her.
And I did. I opened her shirt and her pants. letting her
only with the bra and her underwear. I opened her bra and
her underwear, she was gorgeous, that tits were awesome.
So I played with her tits. I like the sound of her moaning
while I’m playing with her tits so I continued. She kissed
my lips and put her tounge in my mouth, I like it and
replied, while my hand still busy playing with her tits.
Then she grabbed my penis again and massaged it OHHHHH I
like this sensation. Well not too long about 1 minutes, I
came. She dissapointed, and said if I want to rest. I said
no, she replied that I should relax and let her do the rest.
This time I tried to relax. We came out of the tub, clean
our bodies on the shower, dry it with a towel and go to
the bed. In the bed as we’re both naked, she massages my
body again and I like her massages, it aroused me again
and my penis getting hard again, she seem to like it, and
she moved and put my penis on her mouth. She licked it,
kiss it, and swallowed it. altough her mouth were not big
enough to swallowed it all. She moved my penis in and out,
while I’m trying to relax. Afetr few minutes, she started
to made a 69 movement, putted her thing in front of my
mouth, while she still swallowed my penis. She said then
to play with it, and so I licked the lips of her things,
she moaned, so I figured out that she liked it, so I
continued, I opened the lips and suck whats inside. After
few minutes she began to trembled and took a longg moaned,
I know that she’s having an orgasm. Some juicy came out
and I tasted it. Yach I hate it, she laughed.
Well the next thing I remembered, she then was on top of me,
and guided my penis to enter her things. OHHH I feel
something cool. I felt that something massages my penis
even better than her hands. she started to moved up and
down, while I’m busy with her tits. I loved saw her face
enjoying the satisfaction I gived. O and the after about
half an hour, she and I were coming, we rest and I got
sweat all over my body. We took shower together and I sign
the bill and she left. I got sleep that night. and the next
morning I feel like a new man, fresh, ready to assist my
boss on the meeting.
Gee…….I forgot to ask her name…………
Well its better I’m not telling you the name of that hotel.

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